Fall in the Bay area is a little different then other places in Cali. The weather gets cooler but how cool it gets depends on what region of the Bay Area you’re are in. While the bay area encourages everyone to dress freely and have their personal own style, I have come up with 5 pieces I think every girl should have in their closet this Fall. All of these pieces are verstiale confortable and affordable they can also be worn in extremly cold and moderatly cold weather.

1.   The Windbreaker. Windbreakers are perfect for Fall in the Bay because of it’s versility. you can add layers with a sweater and a scarf or wear it alone depending on how cold it gets and with our weather lately that is a plus. you can cop this jacket at Addias

2. The white v neck. White v necks should be a staple in everyone’s closet. Its light comfy and can be dressed up or down. For those days where its really cold out,  this tee can be paired with a coat. you can find this tee at HM for 6 bucks!

3. The Boyfriend Jean if you dont have boyfriend jeans already then trust me when i say it will be one your best investments. Boyfriend Jeans are confortable, and they look good on everyone. For those extra cold days they can be worn over some leggings you can get this pair at riverisland.com

4. The Knit Top another confortable but trendy piece. knit tops are light, stylish, and will keep you warm. Can be worn on a school day or a night out with friends you can get this top at missguided.com

5. Sunnies. Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer the sun will always out during the day so its important you keep some cute sunglasses in your bag cause you just never know. You can get these Glasses at ASOS.com
So there you have it. 5 comfortable and afforable things to add to your closet this season enjoy!

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