This years Oakland Music Festival was a great way to end my summer. Nook and Kranny had the opportunity to attend, and our mind was blown from all that the festival had to offer. The energy and vibes of the attendees, volunteers, vendors, and musicians was greatly appreciated.

9 We met the ladies behind the creative genious of Azteca Negra and Tres Mercedes.

Azteca Negra delivers all handcrafted pieces which are inspired by beautiful, traditional,  and indigenous art form around the world. Each piece is one of a kind and made with  imported cultural, upcycled/rescued, or natural materials. For more on Azteca Negra or if  you are interested in viewing some of the jewelry go to AztecaNegra.com 

 Tres Mercedes is the product of Mercedes Martin creativity. Literal translation being “tres”  which in Spanish means three and Mercedes because she is the third generation of Cuban  women to cary the name Mercedes. She is a self taught artist, upcycling jewelry-maker,  fashion designer, and educator. In 2010 she created her business Tres Mercedes, its  purpose being functional art to help the People know about their reach coulture. For more  on Tres Mercedes or to buy some of Mercedes Martin’s creations go to go  to TresMercedes.com
We also met 1/2 of Wood Stalk Bamboo. Their goal is to reduce the unnecessary waste of single-use plastic containers by introducing a natural, reusable, and sustainable bamboo stash jar. Check them out on WoodStalkBamboo.com

Tony is the mastermind behind the art of TonyB.Conscious. His work is truly breathtaking and his positive vibes were reflected in his work. For a better look at his work follow him on instagram: Tony_B_Conscious

And last but not least is Oakland’s very own Summer Sequoia providing its consumers with traditional skin care and tallow products/Tallow balms, candles and solid perfumes. Their mission is to bring back the recipe our wise great-grandparents used to moisterize and protect their skin. Make sure to check out their products at SummerSequoia.com
 We would like to give a huge thank you to OMF for allowing us to be apart of your vision. Thank you to all the vendors for your insight and well wishes. To everyone else all the love and good vibes were much appreciated can’t wait until next year!

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