Collage Clothing Lounge

3344 Lakeshore Avenue

Oakland, CA 94619

This weeks post features “Collage Clothing Lounge” a small boutique with lot of personality. ‘Collage’ was first featured on our ‘Top 5 Stores On Lake Shore Avenue’ article and now I bring to you an in depth look at the store.

The first thing you’ll notice about this boutique is the unique artwork placed all over the walls. The walls feature various music superstars and – for a lack of a better way to describe them – vibey and colorful art pieces (which match the clothing perfectly.). All of this is also featured on their super dope DJ set up, which includes the vinyls on display (not for sale).

My favorite thing about this store is the fact that they also carry plus sized clothing which is lacking at many boutiqes. Also, the staff is super down to earth which makes the shopping experience fun and easy for everyone. There are things for people of all ages and for all you moms, there is a small toy box to keep the kids entertained while you benjoy some retail therapy. The most awesome thng is that everything in the store is $50 or less!

Every last Friday of the month there’s a live DJ in the store, champagne for shoppers as well as special discounts. Collage Clothing Lounge is definitely worth checking out, and when you go make sure you tell them that the Nook And Kranny Squad sent you.

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