Rayana Jay.. Ambitious, creative and soulful just a few adjectives I would use to describe the new up & coming singer Rayana Jay, we got to link up at Amoeba’s in Berkeley to talk about the singers up coming shows & project.


Go ahead and introduce yourself for those who havent heard of you.
Wassup people who havent heard of me haha.. Im Rayana Jay, i’m from Richmond, just turned 21 you know, grown in these streets.

Are you just starting out on the scene? Seems like a lot of your releases have been pretty recent.

Well i’ve been singing in my church choir since I was like six, I just started writing my own songs about 2 years ago.

Describe your sound.

Hmm, how can I do this without sounding hella cocky. Sex songs, thats all I really make. Love, sex and drinking. Pretty much my favorite things um, I make honest music. It’s music for people who fuck with what I fuck with.

I can definitely feel that. Who have you been musically inspired by lately?

You know as of recent its been D’Angelo, since he put that new album out I wanted to like trash my entire EP. Like, lets start over, live instruments only! Haha and Frank Ocean, after I heard Channel Orange I wrote like 7 songs.. The oldies Phyllis Hyman, Sam Cooke, Outkast absolutely, so like I have a really vast musical outlook.

You know living out here in the bay its alot of art related events, scenery and things to draw from. What are some of the elements that also inspire you?

Living in the bay Ive been really blessed by the circle of friends that I have, like my friends are the dudes that run Youthful Kinfolk and Wine&Bowties those people are all close to me.. so I mean just being able to watch them work and see the environment they’re creating in the bay is really amazing. I guess my inspiration comes from them like I gotta keep up with them!

Thats dope, and with them out here making a name for themselves its only right that you get your shine as well. So now that you’re 21, what are some of your plans for the next year?

So this week i’m leaving to Pittsburg for about a month, i’m just getting away. Imma drop this EP while i’m out there, produced by 1OAK.

How’d you connect with him?

We met at Youth Radio, and I hit him up like yo I sing I wanna make music with you. So we didn’t for like a year and then we just ended up in similar circles and he was like wow your actually talented lol and so now he’s on almost half of my project.

Anyone your dying to work with?

Um I really wanna get a song with 2chainz haha I think that would be hot, and Young Thug like I have to get songs with them just because they’re the wave right now

We ended the interview talking about her music aspirations, dreams of working with 2chainz and her growing record collection. Shortly afterwards Rayana performed at Fresh Steps 2014 in Oakland, Ca. Her energy is great and I could tell just by meeting with her that this laid back young lady puts a little piece of her into every song she creates, The N&K squad is looking forward to seeing what she has in store for The Bay next. Godspeed on the rest of your journey queen.

And if your just now tuning into the hype, check out Rayana Jay’s soundcloud, filled with original songs and be on the look out for her new EP coming soon.

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