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Lets take it back, wayyy back, back into the days of the good ol’ hyphy movement. I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic lately so I started remeniscing on the days of dread shaking, ghost riding, and thizz faces. Take a stroll down memory lane with me as I bring you some hyphy movement memories, and the songs and images that match these moments perfectly.

The Mastering Of The Thizz Face

When Anything From DB Tha General Came On


The Moment The ‘Tell Me When To Go’ Video Released


Sneaking Out The House To Go To Sideshows


Ghost Riding The Whip With Your Friends


Pretending You Had Dreads To Shake


Swearing You Knew How To Turf Dance


The Sudden Obsession With Yellow Busses & Being Stupid, Dumb & Hyphy


Finding The Perfect Stunner Shades


Realizing That Hyphy Was Dead And Life Would Never Be The Same

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Co-founder and the Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Mamou is a recent college graduate from the University of California, Riverside. Being raised in Oakland, and spending 4 years in Southern California, Mamou heard the constant negative views that people had on the Bay Area. She vowed to help change those views, and Nook and Kranny is her first step in doing so.

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