I recently linked up with Queens D’Light, an amazing female MC who is killin’ it in the Bay Area. Originally out of my home town Los Angeles, she has been seen rockin’ it all the dope shows, from OMF events, to various art shows held at the Oakland Terminal. Her stage presence is crazy and she comes with powerful lyrics to match, I really wanted to pick her brain about the movements she is involved with and what inspires her natural queen like demeanor. Check it out below:

Queen! So I heard your from West LA originally, tell me a little bit about your background and what brought you to Oakland?
Yeah, well I mean I would say that I grew up partly in LA and part in the bay. What really brought me to the bay was school, Im studying my Masters in Film at SF State, basically that brought me here, I was living in San Francisco and I wasn’t really feeling it, so I was in Oakland doing some stuff and ended up building out there with people so I just ended up being out there a lot more.
What made you transition from the film world over into music?
I don’t think it was a transition of one moment, it was more like a collection of moments, hanging out with Them Hellas, and being in an atmosphere where people were being creative, free styling and expressing themselves, this was just another art form that I understood.
How did you link up with Them Hellas?
Basically it was my family, my family had like a community center that was in Hunters Point and I went there for some events and I met some dudes that do Team Backpack and one of my cousins was doing it. He was like there’s this one rapper that I think you would like, and it happened to be Duckwrth. When I saw him I was just like he was gas’in! Around that time I was shooting photography and I would tape the cyphers and so I introduced myself and from there it was just non stop vibes.
So California Wildflower, is that your album or just a mixtape?
I dont know, I cant really define it. It was just a combination of songs that I was sitting on for a long period of time. I mean there was definitely thought put into it, but it was more about the moment and what was going on culturally around me.
I want to talk about your creative influence, where does the essence of Queen come from?
My mama! First of all, she has swag. I had a lot of family members who grew up in the Jordan era, my sisters had a lot to do with that, they were just really expressive with their attire. I look at a lot of films and thats another influence.
I heard your sister was a female battle rapper back in the day.
Yeah, she was actually really raw! There was this thing on the radio with Sway where folks could call in and rappers would freestyle then you could vote for who was the best, she was actually a winner consecutively. That was pretty inspiring.
Is there any projects in the works right now?
Im working on this project called The Flavor of Green, its really just like an exploration of money and how it impacts people. Its fun right now, i’m really excited.
From listening to your music I can tell that your really about woman power and the female energy, what made you start the Malidoma Collective?
It was just in my personality. I am blessed to be apart of two collectives, one thats male dominated and one that is female dominated. In both settings I stay true to me, because Im a woman and I know what I stand for, and it might not be the same for everybody but at least I know my truth and speak my truth.
What does the Malidoma Collective aim to teach?
That your number one duty is to be yourself, you owe it to you. Even the parts that you don’t necessarily love you must still be true to you. The collective is basically just woman who are artists and we motivate each other and push each others work.
Okay I really dig that, and in closing give me three things you want people to hear when they listen to your music.
I want the people to feel.. honesty, seductiveness, and umm I just want people to feel good.
Now if you havent heard California Wildflower yet your missing out, don’t wait to long to check out this emerging artist, I cant wait to hear what she has in store next.


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