We linked up with creative minds Wes and Raymond to discuss their Bay Area based clothing line, Running Rebels. We spoke about some of their upcoming projects, and howhow ready they are to make their mark on the Bay Area fashion scene with some dope pieces that represent the Running Rebel lifestyle.

Photographer: Lanee W.

N&K: Describe Running Rebels in three words.

RR: new, creative, dope

N&K: Who are the minds behind this project?

RR: There are Four of us:

-Wesley Sheppard

-Thomas Wallace

-Raymond Scar

– Jessie Diez

N&K: Does living in the Bay have an influence on your brand?

RR: Yes it has. We travel all over The Bay to see what people are wearing especially San Fransisco it is so progressive there.

N&K: Describe your personal style.

RR: I have never been one to be afraid to wear whatever I felt like wearing even if it was goofy, it was all in the name of dopeness. But my staples are a gold watch and some Jordans.

N&K: What are some hot clothing lines out right now?

RR: definitely DBM, Supreme, and 10 Deep. I’m also really feeling Japanese Fashion right now they way they are getting things to fit is pretty dope.

N&K: what line of fashion does your brand fall into?

RR: We are a street wear brand.

N&K:What do we have to look forward to with Running Rebels? Any releases coming soon?

We have a few people in Stockton we are working with but right now we are just going to different boutiques trying to get our name out there. Our goal is to build here in the Bay I want to bring dopeness back to Stockton.

N&K: Use one word to describe the Bay.

RR: The Bay is innovative. Its very different from L.A it’s alot slower.

N&K: Favorite Artist of All Time?

RR: Mac Dre

N&K: Biggest Fashion Influence?

RR: Definitely Kanye West.

You should definitely be on the look out for what these creative minds got coming next because it’s going to be big. You can purchase some of their pieces at #AllVibez Sunday, April 5th.

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