Lanee and I were working in Oakland last night and decided to get a bite to eat before we headed home. We came across House of Curries right by Lake Merritt and decided to give it a try.

House of Curries specializes in Pakistani & Indian foods. What I loved most about this place was the warm reception we got when we walked in. The owner greeted us and offered us a cup of tea on the house. I also admired how much open space the restaurant had it may seem strange, but all the open space made me feel more at home than in a restaurant.

The menu has a pretty decent variety of curries to choose from but I decided to play it safe with some Tikka Masala (their star dish) and Chicken Vindaloo with a side of basmati rice and some fresh Garlic Naan. The Naan was pretty amazing and the curries were not too heavy the only thing that was disappointing was that I asked for spicy curries and they were not spicy at all. I can’t really mad because I spent about 11 bucks for all the food I got which I feel is a really good deal!

Overall I will give this a restaurant a 7/10. If you Ballin on a Budget, or just looking for a quick light meal I suggest you give this place a try!

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