From Eric Garner to Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant to Mike Brown, these brutal stories of young black men have been plastered throughout the media for some time. Now, with the arrangement of many peaceful protests as well as thousands of petitions signed to warrant police officers with built in cameras on their uniforms, the youth of Oakland got another chance to speak out and show unification among races last Thursday night. This time, it was in the form of music. Artists such as Dizzy Wright, Casey Veggies, Pell, G-Eazy, Kool John & P-Lo hit the New Parish stage to show their support! We were also honored with the oppurtunity to hear the mother of Oscar Grant and the daughter of Eric Garner speak on behalf of their loved ones. All profits from the event were donated to the family of Eric Garner.

These pictures dont just represent a concert, it is a social movement, and we are pushing for peace, in the sanction that all lives matter. You too can make a difference. Learn more about Black Lives Matter or join in org in your community by heading to BlackLivesMatter.com


bay area movement

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