Antonio Davis better known by his stage name Legendvry is a North Oakland native who is using his MCing skills to share his voice and story with the masses. He is currently working on his latest body of work, ‘Trap Art’, which embodies the dualities of the streets, and features production from SpencerxStevens & FB. Learn more about this talented MC and his upcoming work and performances.

What is your full name?

Antonio Davis

Where are you from

North Oakland

Biography in 30 seconds:

I’m just a kid that grew up in the streets, that has always wanted to do better and see better. I got into music at a really early age. I got a strong team behind me and I’m just pushing.

Where did you get your stage name from?

Man, I had a whole lot. My stage name is L’s aka Legendvry. I had L’s but you couldn’t search that on soundcloud so I had to come up with something else and thats when I came up with Legendvry.

Why do you spell it how you spell it?

You can’t find me with the A (Legendary) so I had to make it with a V. V for victory [haha]

Tell me more about TRAPART:

It comes out May 19th. Its produced by FB and Spencer Stevens. There are 13 tracks, 3 bonus. We’ve been working on it since last November. It started out as an EP and was gonna drop it earlier, but we were like naw, it ain’t right yet.

Why did you name it TRAPART?

It’s just how I feel, the Trap is where I’m from and the Art is what we create. It’s actually a lot of different reasons why I went with that, but thats one of the main reasons.

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