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Giving us flower child realness, Brielle is a 25 year old singer/song writer from West Philadelphia, born and raised – hope you got that Fresh Prince reference, I literally laughed out loud when she first said it to me. Her overall sound and style gives me a fusion between Erykah Badu, Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes, and Jhene Aiko. Following her recent stage name change – ‘April Fool Child because of her April 1st birthdate and because more people resonated with that name – she has relocated to the Bay Area with the intention of spreading her good energy. Listen to any of her songs during your morning commute, and I promise you you’ll have a better day because of it.
My favorite song? Definitely ‘Trees’ I mean come on, she took a childhood classic like Row Your Boat and turned it into a get high anthem. “Roll roll roll it up, light and take a puff, blowing o’s forgeting woes, cause life is but a dream” Don’t sleep on this beatiful songstress, make sure to check her soundcloud out, and keep up to date with all things Brielle on Twitter and Instagram.



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Co-founder and the Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Mamou is a recent college graduate from the University of California, Riverside. Being raised in Oakland, and spending 4 years in Southern California, Mamou heard the constant negative views that people had on the Bay Area. She vowed to help change those views, and Nook and Kranny is her first step in doing so.

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