Giving us flower child realness, Brielle is a 25 year old singer/song writer from West Philadelphia, born and raised – hope you got that Fresh Prince reference, I literally laughed out loud when she first said it to me. Her overall sound and style gives me a fusion between Erykah Badu, Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes, and Jhene Aiko. Following her recent stage name change – ‘April Fool Child because of her April 1st birthdate and because more people resonated with that name – she has relocated to the Bay Area with the intention of spreading her good energy. Listen to any of her songs during your morning commute, and I promise you you’ll have a better day because of it.
My favorite song? Definitely ‘Trees’ I mean come on, she took a childhood classic like Row Your Boat and turned it into a get high anthem. “Roll roll roll it up, light and take a puff, blowing o’s forgeting woes, cause life is but a dream” Don’t sleep on this beatiful songstress, make sure to check her soundcloud out, and keep up to date with all things Brielle on Twitter and Instagram.

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