Le Cheval
1007 Clay St
Oakland, CA 94607

 I’ve had the pleasure of finding so many great Vietnamese spots since I’ve moved to the Bay Area. Last week, I found another place to add to my list, Le Cheval. Le Cheval is a family owned resturant located in downtown Oakland, that serves Vietnamese cusine with a French twist.

 Le Cheval is a bit more on the swanky side but, the atmosphere welcomes all. The place has alot of open space so you and your guests can wine & dine in your own bubble. I tried two dishes, the Beef Kebab and Soy Sauce Fish both dishes were fire but the fish was definitely my personal favorite. Steamed swai with soy sauce, green onions, and fresh ginger. I loved because It was light, cooked perfectly, and really fragrant.

 Overall, I would give this spot an 8 out of 10. Fresh food, great atmosphere and great service.


Odilcia B.

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