f you didn’t know – which means you’ve been sleep for the last 2 weeks – yesterday was Peace Life’s ‘Gold Mind Gallery’. It was absolutley amazing, filled with great energy, and creative juices flowing free. We have a complete recap coming to you later this week, but to hold you over until then, today’s Music Monday’s will feature an artist that we met at yesterday’s festivities.

 Lucille Ghatti


Oakland, CA

Instagram: @LucilleGhatti

 Lucille Ghatti is a 22 year old songstress who we first met where are girls meet at a party, the line for the bathroom. Her energy was super amazing, and I could not wait to catch her performance. I love finding new voices that make my ears happy. Lucille’s sound is super soothing, and her aura was glowing bright. If you don’t do anything else this afternoon, make sure to check her out and show her some love. Also be on the lookout for her new album, DE3p which is going to be released this Fall.


All photos courtesy of Lanee Mecca of Mecca Media

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