What is the largest organ in your body?

 The brain?  Na.

 Your lungs? Wrong!

 Your liver? Nope.

 Your kidneys?? Ummmmm…..no.

 It’s the skin! Our skin counts for 10% of our body weight. It’s easy to forget it is an organ sometimes but, it plays such an important role. Other than keeping you warm and keeping you from looking like the UGLIEST mammal on the planet, the skin protects our organs from the harm of the outside world. So, it is really important that you keep it happy and healthy.


Random Fact: The skin absorbs 60% of whatever it is exposed to. So, you have to be careful what you are feeding it, as it could be detimental to your overall health. What you put on your skin may also be affecting your skins natural glow.

 For some reason there is a misconception that skin care products that smell good and have super cool packaging will fix all your skin troubles.


Well….. THATS A MYTH! Most popular and super cool looking skin products are filled with toxins that can permanently damage your skin and hair and can also make your really sick.

 Enough ranting, i’m going to drop some knowledge on yall. Here is some toxins I look out for when I buy anything i’m going to put on my hair and body.


Commonly found in: Body Wash, Shampoos, and Facial Cleansers

Function: Dissolving oils from the hair and skin

Why its toxic to your body: Well, first off sulfates are used to get rid of grease on car engines so in my opinion they have no buisness on the skin. But these toxins can inflame skin, break down the immune system and cause permanent eye damage.


Commonly found in: Deodorant, Cosmetics, Moisturizers

Function: Preservative

Why its toxic to your body: Has been linked to breast cancer, causes hormone imbalance in the body, and Male sterility


Commonly found in: Most acne products

Function: Kills white blood cells that cause inflamation of a pimple

Why its toxic to your body: If inhaled, it can cause major damage to your respitory system

I’m going to be honest some of these toxins are unavoiable just because they are used in everything. But that does not mean that you can’t reduced the amount you put into your body. I can’t stress enough how imporant it is the read the ingridents list before you make the decsion to put something into your body. Our bodies can only take so much posion ya know? I hope I opened your eyes to do more research for yourself! If any of you have any questions about skincare, haircare, etc. etc. ASK ME! leave a comment below or email me at odilciab@gmail.com

 Peace and Love,


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