It is absolutely amazing when you meet someone with a passion for creating and an energy that matches. I met Robby Rashu at the first Gold Mind Gallery, and his aura was glowing so bright that I knew I had to feature him on the site.

Cook, rapper, and jeweler Robby Ra’shu grew up in Compton, California. Contrary to popular belief, Compton is not like what the media enjoys portraying it as. He compares his city to Oakland, both having a great community based environment. He moved to the Bay Area two years ago where he first lived in Berkeley at Afrohouse.
“I had to leave LA because everyone’s lifestyle didn’t agree with mine”
His love for music started around 5. Beatboxing and rapping were two things that he held close to his heart, and with the help of his mom, he was introduced to real rap and the golden age of hip hop at an early age. His musical inspirations include Nas, KRS One, A Tribe Called Quest, Rakim, Young MC, and Public Enemy. He is motivated by those around him, and a desire to constantly grow and change.
“I’m motivated by peoples imperfection, the whole point of living is discovering ourselves”
He started making jewelry two months ago. When he first came to the Bay he was looking for a raw jewelry piece but couldn’t find exactly what he was looking for. At first the jewelry was something he was just doing for himself and then people started asking about it, wanting to get their own.
“I don’t make jewelry for profit, I make it to create, expressing myself through my pieces”
 *photographed above – aurawatch
His jewelry is now going to go hand in hand with his highly anticipated EP Pangaea. Instead of just giving out a shirt or a sticker to go along with his project, he plans on instead blessing his fans with a piece of jewelry.
His ability to create, and use his hands as tools for expression is also very evident in his cooking skills. He sees cooking as a way to travel all over the world. He has been cooking since he got out of high school, and loves to concentrate on cultural fusion in food.
“I like being able to combine various cultures together through food.”
Right now, he is currently working on his EP Pangea – produced by Space Time – which is all about oneness and bringing people together. Although this project is a big one, he doesen;t let the pressure force him to stress and work himself crazy. He likes to go with the flow, and not plan things out.
“Rapping is a spiritual thing for me. I don’t do anything that dosen’t feel right”
Please make sure to check out his amazing pieces, listen to him on Soundcloud, or slide by True Burger where he can whip up something delicious on the grill.

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