We have been following O’dara Designz on Instagram for a while now. They are able to provide us with inspirational quotes, conscious messages, and a look into their amazing and Africa inspired jewelry. I finally got the chance to link up with its creator E.Dawson Bey and speak with her about Oakland, her inspirations, and background on O’Dara Designz.

Born and raised in Oakland, E.Dawson started making jewelry in December 2011. Her pieces are culturally relevant, fresh, and ahead of the trends. She struggled to find original and unique jewelry to wear so instead decided to create her own.

“I didn’t want to be caught in the same jewelry as another thus creating my business motto of ‘One Of A Kind'”

Her inspiration to create comes from the struggles of her for fathers. She is motivated by how had life used to be, and how blessed she has it now to be where she is. This reflection on the past keeps her focussed on the future, and the building of her legacy. The Bay Area is also a huge inspiration.

“My ability to survive in the Bay inspires me. The struggle and strength of the people who survive here is unmatched!”

The Bay Area is also a huge part of the women that she is today. Being born and raised in the heart of creativity, Oakland has given her the ability to emulate culture, and represent Oakland’s image in a positive light. A light that many seem to not recognize.

“People always think that the Bay is one dimensional. We are one of the most diverse areas in the US. We have such a special spirit of authenticity, spirit of change and progress, and it’s and feeling is one that I can’t feel anywhere when it comes to art.”

Outside of making jewelry, she also expresses herself through protest art and history art. She is also a photographer and overall creator, and has been able to have her voice be heard through all these various forms of artistic expression. To get into her creative space, music usually sets the mood. She can create almost anywhere as long as the vibes are right.
If there is one thing that I got from speaking with this Queen, it’s that no matter your passion, you should always follow it. Don’t get stuck doing something that you don’t love, always make sure to follow your dreams.

“We all can find a way to make money and a living off the things we have a passion for!”

For more information on E.Dawson or O’dara Designz, make sure to like them on FACEBOOK, follow them on INSTAGRAM, and be on the look out for vending information.

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