If you enjoy to cook like myself, you are probably aware of how difficult it is to master the art of baking. I’m not talking about whipping up a batch of brownies from a box, I’m talking about the baking that requires lots of patients, a little love and some knowledge in Chemistry. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that it takes a very special person to bake full-time. When a friend told me about Rosie’s Sweet Treat, I wanted to find out more and share it with you all.


Rose is an Oakland native and a Oakland School for the Arts alumni. Her sister taught her how to bake at a very young age and after apprenticeships and on the job training, she perfected her skills and decided to start-up her own business.

945435_510122602409290_177864346_n“I have always been artistic and I think baking is just another avenue to express creativity”

She explains. It is important for her pies not only to taste good, but she wants to look beautiful as well. That is why America’s Test Kitchen on KQED is one of her favorite shows.” That show has a big influence on my baking. I get to see the science behind some of my favorite recipes and what exactly makes them taste so good.” So the biggest question I had for Rose was; why pie?

“I love all classic American desserts but, pie represents something really special and crafted.”

After working for an American bakery called Flour & Co, she realized that she had a close connection to baking and wanted to do it on her own terms. Her goal is to eventually open up her own pie diner right here in the Bay. “I’ve lived in many places outside of the Bay but, I always come back. I love the energy here.”

Be on the look out for Rosie’s next move but until then follow her on her Facebook and Instagram  


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