Eat’s A Party is going down Saturday, September 12th. It is a culinary event where we are inviting the community to come out for a night of great vibes, good music, and delicious food. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing the lineup of the chefs whose delicious cuisine you’ll all be able to enjoy. First on the list, Pastry Chef David Benton.


Chef Benton was born in Portland and was raised in Oakland from the age of 7. He absolutely loves the Bay Area – its weather, people food. The Bay Area represents community and family.

I always feel like I’m around family here in the Bay Area. People here are very down to earth. No pretense whatsoever and contrary to popular believe—very friendly.

What he doesn’t agree with is how the Bay Area is portrayed. In his opinion, the people on the outside looking in see Oakland and think violence and anger. To him, it is the opposite.

Most people from the Bay Area, particularly the East Bay are typically very unpretentious and friendly. I’ve always loved people like that, which is one of the reasons I love being here.

Growing up, he never actually had an interest for baking but he always loved to cook!

From an early age people liked my cooking so I enrolled in culinary school one day & hoped to embark on a career as a chef.

While in culinary school, he took an entry to baking class and really liked it. This pushed him to taking an intermediate baking class where he fell in love with the art and knew that he wanted to make it his career. He learned his major baking skills by interning and doing his own personal research.

I learned to bake and design cakes by interning at a bakery, reading lots of baking books, and watching Youtube tutorials.


Although cooking was one of his first passions, he considers himself an artist first and foremost. It is with this desire to create that he could easily see himself being a part of a number of different creative art forms.

I could easily see myself immersed in a number of arts—particularly as a performing artist or even a clothes, product or graphic designer. I love to design things. I think I would be happy in any one of those fields had I not become a pastry chef.

To get into his creative baking space, David puts on some music and vibes out. He likes a varied list of music styles, mainly consisting of oldies, old school funk, classic vocalists, disco, and 80’s synch.

As soon as I put it on, I’m ready to build something.

He is motivated by the future, and the endless possibilities that lay ahead of him.

I’m very optimistic about the future. I think many people these days dread looking ahead so they focus a lot on the past; particularly their own. I do love looking back at the past in a historical or pop culture context but my own past doesn’t interest me very much unless I can use it for inspiration today. I’m motivated and very excited by what God has in store for me.

He is also inspired by the Bay Area and it’s artists, art community, and overall talent. The art scene in the Bay excites him. He loves seeing what people are doing and how they are creating. It is all really mind blowing

I believe that the Bay Area’s art and music scene is going to blow up very soon and we’re all going to look back one day and realize we were amongst legends and game changers.

If there is one thing that David wants to make sure that our readers get from this feature, is that through self determination and focus you can change the direction of your life no matter how impossible it may feel.

I had a recreational drug problem for a few years that nearly killed me – one day I just got tired of it all and began to switch my focus from drugs and parties to things that were more wholesome, mentally & spiritually more healthy and overall sustainable to my life and my future. It was the best decision I ever made.

We are so happy that David is going to be a part of Eat’s A Party. His treats are definitely going to be the talk of the party. To check out for of David’s work, head to his Instagram and make sure to come to Eat’s A Party, Saturday September 12th at The New Parish in Oakland.


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