I just wanted to feature some tracks that we have been bumpin for the past couple of weeks. I hope yall enjoy them like we do. What yall bumpin at the moment? Let us know!



Screenshot 2015-08-17 15

Music has changed so much over the years. We live in a time of Instagram hoes, unrealistic reality TV, and Trappin – not because you have to but, because you want to be cool. It’s seems like that’s all I hear kids talk about these days. It truly makes me sad. But not all hope is lost. We still have conscious artist out there spreading their truth anyway they can. I salute you.

Screenshot 2015-08-17 14.55.27

It’s very hard to describe Duckwrth’s music with words so, I’m just going to say he goes hard. Listen for yourself.  Be on the lookout for his latest project “NOWHERE” dropping AUG 21.

Screenshot 2015-08-17 16.01.58

Oakland’s very own Kehlani is KILLING the game right now. Bringing feel good R&B back, her music is constantly getting remixed on Soundcloud. This track is my favorite one so far. Mix brought to you by Sango, Atu, Dpat and Asante. Enjoy.


Screenshot 2015-08-17 14.53.58

I still remember the first time I came across C-PLUS aka PLUS MONEY’S music. I was on one of my many late night Tumblr binges and I saw this track, “Girls on Drugs” I was feeling his flow so I decided to look him up! I really fuck with his L.O.C.A.L  album, It has a kick back and chill vibe to it.  My fav track from the album is “Milk & Honey” C plus just has a way with words. Listen for yourself.

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