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A while back, the squad was given the opportunity to link up with a genuine soul who goes by April Fool Child – aka Brielle but thats her government. Her energy was amazing, and her message was inspiring. This Saturday, this flower child is putting on a community event entitled ‘Women Are The Water Of The Revolution.’ The purpose of the event is to create a space where women can come together and share their art. A safe space for us to express ourselves.

The ego is often the biggest reason for our stagnation as beings, but especially as artist. We are meant to build eachother up and support one another. Having so many female artist of various mediums creates a platform for these women to grow, build, network, and make new friends so that as they can continue to move forward with their careers. They can feel a sense of community.

Brielle was inspired to do this event because being an artist herself, she sees how hard it is to navigate in the business with good intent. A lot of people have their own agenda, and that kind of attitude can get spread and become infeftious. Her hopes is to create a platform for people to build genuine relationships without the ectra bs that the entertainment world can come along with.
 We all need each other to progress, I hope this inspires people to spread more to love amongst each other. I hope this event allows people to exist in a truly enjoyable, ego-less environment. where they can immerse themselves in the art and connect with one another without any barriers.
For Nook and Kranny this event is extremely important because women, especially women of color, have a hard time co-existing. Sometime’s it feels like everything is a competition amongst us so it feels good to have an event where Queens are recognizing other Queens. Not only for what we contribute to art and the message we are trying to spread, but also because we are WOMEN, the most powerful being on earth.
I have the ability to create life, an ocean in my womb that nurtures another being into existence that alone is outstanding. The event title truly speaks to the power of creation and how we as women do so much to shape our communities and our growth, our revolution.
Check out more information + some of the amazing talent, art, food, and vibes that you’ll have a chance to be surrounded by this Saturday.
Women Are The Water Of The Revolution
Saturday, August 22nd
2pm – 10pm
1502 8th Street, Oakland CA
Free drink ticket before 4pm
April Fool Child – Artist + Event Curator
Diedre Adonis – Sound + Bartender | Member of the Matter Collective
Moxie – Painter + Visual Artist | Member of the Pussy Posse
Gcosmicninja – Painter + Visual Artist
Jjaahz – Graphic/Visual Artist | Member of the Malidoma Collective
Tori – Performance Artist
Thr3ee – RNB Group
A Viscious Individual – Jewelry Maker
Sheenabeinga – Thrift Vendor + Bike Club
Gabby – Bike Club
Melenated – Poetry
Jamie – Henna Artist
Liadmnd – Photographer
Lanee – Photographer
Winmillcreations – Painter
Mysticmazy – Message Therapist + Food not Bombs Sponsor
Shah + Xoreel – Event Space Coordinator
Jasmine – Lap Dance
& of course the squad will be in attendance.
To volunteer, you can reach out to Brielle @Aprilfoolchild

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