Meet Robby Ra’$hu. He is currently the lunch cook at True Burger and a grill chef at Pican in Downtown Oakland. He moved to the bay almost two years ago to truly find himself, finish school, and dive into his potential as a creator. We are super excited to have him be a part of Eat’s A Party, and want to give you all a chance to get to know him.

He started cooking right after high school and was working as a dishwasher at a Hilton Hotel in Cerritos. It was the first time that he got a real taste taste for the whole kitchen scene. After a while, his neighbor let him know that a local restaurant in Long Beach was looking to hire more staff. He started there as a food prep and dishwasher.

On there second week of opening , the restaurant was hit with a morning rush and was short staffed. I stepped up and got a taste of it all. From there I just worked on building my resume and cooking on any line I could.


He sees cooking as a skill that can take him around the world. Another way of creating – Robby is also a rapper and a jeweler and you can learn more about those passions here. He loves that this new found art is helping him pay for his art. That through cooking, he is able to fund his other artistic expressions.

Being a chef is beautiful to me , I love the feeling that I get from creating a taste and experience through food, it’s really magical. The feeling of having an idea on how something is going to taste , feel , sound or look and then taking the time to manifest it and bring it to life, seeing the joy it brings. That’s what inspires me to create.


He’s now been cooking professionally for 4 years and absolutely loves it. Most of his training comes from just experience and being thrown in fires and having to figure out a way out.

I’ve worked at multiple gigs in LA and through time gained a lot of culinary experience from world renowned chefs like Wolfgang Punk at his restaurant in LA Live and Gordon Ramsey. They are some of the best examples of favorite chefs or influences.

Robby loves to concentrate on cultural fusion in food. He likes to be able to combine various cultures through food. When the time is right, he would love to travel the world and get a taste for different cultures through his palette.

Eventually, he plans on opening his own spot in Oakland. A sort of restaurant/nightspot/lounge.  Something to give back to the Bay Area and omewhere that he can come back to after traveling to be able to just vibe.

Our mouth’s are already watering for all the deliciousness that Robby has in store for us. Be sure to check him and the rest of our chefs out at Eat’s A Party, Saturday September 12th from 5pm-8pm. See you guys there!


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