The whole point of Nook and Kranny is to show love to The Bay Area, and the many creators that call this place home. With that being said, we have to show love to Beejus and his FreeSpirit movement and concert series, which is doing just that.

FreeSpirit is all about being from free mental constraints. Whether they’re from society’s rules or insecurities that lie within ourselves, FreeSpirit represents being comfortable in the way you are without letting anything influence your decisions or life choices.

With his FreeSpirit Fest concert series, his goal is to create a platform for hardworking artists. He wants to turn these concert series into a world renowned event where artists will get to showcase their talent, and have their voices be heard.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.36.26 AM
FreeSpirit Fest Two goes down in TWO DAYS and features Beejus, Anthony Dragons, Tia Nomore, Oops and Legendvry. Get a taste of what the night has in store by checking out the playlist below, and make sure to come out, show love, and let your spirit run freeeeeeeee.collage1collage2

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