This is a guest post from Cyn, our expert on everything fleeky.

We’ve all heard the term “Eye brows on fleek!” We’ve seen the memes, the videos, and countless images circulating the web emphasizing eyebrows (or lack of eyebrows) and their importance. But, how exactly does one reach this infamous level of “fleek”? Well, if you’re a young woman like myself, this process takes both time and effort. For as long as I can remember, my eyebrows have been extremely sparse. They are quite literally “barely there”. Over time however, I have come up with an easy, inexpensive method for great brows!


  1. I outline my eyebrows with basic cream stick concealer. (Any brand will do, I use ELF which usually runs me about 2 to 3 dollars!)
  2. I blend the concealer out with my fingers giving a bright appearance around my eyebrows.
  3. After this I use a thin angled brush to outline my eyebrows. In my opinion, anything cream based works well. For this step I use an eyebrow kit also by ELF.
  4. Once my eyebrows are lined, I use a slightly thicker angled brush to fill my eyebrows in. To fill in my brows I use any drugstore eyeshadow that is slightly lighter than the color of my hair.
  5. Once my brows are filled in, I like to blend the beginning of each brow making them appear more natural. This step is optional; many prefer a more rigid brow.
  6. Lastly, I outline my eyebrows again with a liquid concealer a few shades lighter than my complexion and blend.


May all of your Brow dreams come true 🙂 !


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