The last time we interviewed TyreseJohnsonMusic, we were prepping you for the release of his For The Lost Ones project. Well it’s out now, and we caught back up with him and had him break down his three favorite songs from the project. Check them out below and be sure to catch him live this Sunday at Winter Vibrations.

I wrote “Sometimes” at a time when I was feeling the most uncertain about life after college. It was my senior year, so my life at the time was all about interviewing with companies, trying to find a job that would be both fulfilling and pay well to justify spending 4 years at a college as expensive as Saint Mary’s and taking out loans to pay it off. For me, it kind of sums up the essence of the project. It touches on the uncertainty, regret, hesitancy and fear. It’s also on of the two tracks that weren’t produced by DJ Basta. The producer, Dust Collector also produced “Brain Goldfish”, which is still one of my favorite records. So I was eager to hop on this joint and make an attempt at striking gold twice.

“To The Moon” is incredible to me because of Crystal. I mean I did my thing on the verses, but she really made the song what it is. I had been working with a chorus for months and had two other singers record it before she ever heard it, and none of those versions sounded good to me. So of course, I let her hear them and asked her to try to give it what it needed. She heard the song and basically wanted to write a new chorus for it, and she killed it! She really captured the feeling I was trying to convey in the original version and made it sound way more beautiful and poetic than I ever could have.

This joint is about knowing that there are things that you have to do to make your life better and to stop putting them off. Whether that’s making things right with a loved one you fell out with, or saving money, or just changing bad habits. The danger is that the longer you wait, the greater chance that you’ll never get those things done. It was me attempting to come to terms with my avoidance, and reluctance to grow the hell up. I also penned this my senior year at SMC.

This song originally came about when I was planning to make FTLO an album about our generation’s dependency on technology. This of course didn’t happen and “Windows 98” became a bonus track because it didn’t really fit the direction of the other tracks.

I like this joint because it was written with a concept in mind as opposed to a feeling (like the other FTLO tracks). It’s told from the perspective of a youth with social anxiety and a tech dependency, which is something many of us can relate to, maybe too many of us. It details the anxiety of talking to people and making friends, finding social validation online, and generally the state of interconnectedness that we’re experiencing.

Tyrese will be performing this Sunday at Winter Vibrations. Make sure you get there!


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