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I first met Fabes at his album release party, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from him. Lately, I’ve been meeting a lot of “rappers” that swear their tracks are God’s gift to this earth. And lately, some of these same rappers have disappointed me. Fabe’s is not included in this list of disappointments. He gave the audience each a taste of “La Vie En Rose,” and I was bobbin my head the entire time. Take a moment to hop into the mind of Fabes, and make sure to get yourself a copy of “La Vie En Rose” which is out now!

Bay Area rapper Fabien, who goes by the stage name Fabes, has been rapping full time for 3 years. That makes for 3 years of growth, lessons, and musical evolution that I was interested on learning more about.

“[My sound has evolved] through different experiences, different artists I’ve worked with, and picking up production. It’s definitely evolved, I think, for the better. The camaraderie and competition amongst my friends has definitely pushed me to always out do not only myself, but my peers. I just strive to constantly and consistently progress, while still learning and building with my homies.”

His most recent project, “La Vie En Rose”, has been in the works for the last 8 months and is finally being released today.

“La Vie En Rose actually loosely translates to “the good life.” I named it that cause that’s how I’m currently living aha. I quit my job, picked up producing and have just been pursuing my passion. Definitely still some stresses I deal with but all in all I can’t complain, I’m doing what I love!”

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If you haven’t already noticed, the title of his project is French. Fabes comes from a French background, and it has definitely influenced his sound, and the topics that he chooses to write about.

“I [try to] incorporate French into my verses. Growing up, my mom listened to a lot of french music around me [and I was always] visiting family out in Toulouse, [so] I’d say it’s definitely a big influence in the way I make music.”

He also credits The Bay Area as having a huge influence on the music that he makes “from the slang to the clap”. The biggest misconception of The Bay that a lot of people have is the so-called “bubble” that they envision. That our music doesn’t travel passed The Bay Area.

“People think that only the bay fucks with the bay. But no matter where we go, it’s all love, and we get the respect we deserve. I’m talking from personal experience, to legends like 40 and Mac Dre. You can’t deny their contributions to hip-hop, amongst all the other legends.”

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While working on a project, there is always one piece of it that you hold the closest to your heart. For Fabes, that record is “Heartbreaks on Wax”. The song is a product of a breakup, which we all know makes for great music. He was going through a lot during the recording of the song, and him and Space Cadet were both able to work it out into a record.

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Fabes raps, produces, and DJ’s but he also has two ways of centering himself, and expressing himself that some may not know about.

“My mom is a painter, so besides rapping, I draw and paint. I also play soccer, I know that’s not a form of expression, but it definitely helps my mindset either going into expression or stress.”

Who are you listening to in the car right now?

“J.Lately, Space Cadet, Champlu, Beejus, Derek Pope, and my own shit”

If you could bring a musician back to life for a sick feature, who would it be?

“Jimi Hendrix, I’d love to have his guitar over some production. Him or J.Dilla”

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Any upcoming performances?

“I’m going on tour with my good friend – he may say otherwise haha – J.Lately. He has his Let’s Just Be Friends tour, so I’m travelling around with him. Besides that, you can catch any upcoming performances on my IG (@Fabesmusic) or rocking with my West Oakland homies Beejus and Oops”

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And now, time for my favorite part… SHOUTOUTS!

“Space Cadet, Farid Xan, Beejus, Jamie Tattoos, Nate Griman, Phyer, KFess, J.Lately, Trae Plus, Taharka Chango, E-Molly, Stewart Villain, C-Sick, everyone who supporting me but ESPECIALLY every single person that ever said i couldn’t do this. MOBBBB.”

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