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Fresno based rapper Ill.Zee.Will ultimate goal is to inspire through his music and quite frankly, he does a great job at it. Having musical influences like, Fallout Boy, Tupac, and Pharrell he gives us a unique sound that always is served with a lesson in each song. I had the chance to speak with him about his upbring, vibing in the studio and his “ILL CHILD” movement that embraces non conformity. Enjoy…


Give an intro for those who don’t know

 My name is Zee Will I’m aspiring hip-hop artist. I’ve been pursuing music for almost 4 years. I’m 25 I have around 9 siblings. I love music, basketball & video games. Teamwork makes the dream work. Do what you love is my motto.


Where are you from?

Fresno, CA


How did this journey in music begin?

It started when I was living in San Jose and moved back to my hometown Fresno to be with family. I linked up with my brother Kam Cooks and his friend Brian Cade. They’ve been pursuing music and in that duration of that time being around them I felt inspired to pursue music as well. Before I use to write poetry as a Hobby and always loved music.


Use three words to describe your music.

Creative, Meaningful, Unique


How did the name ILLZEEWILL come about?

Zee is short for my name which Zoë and Will is short for Willpower in what I feel I have and base myself on. The ILL part came along as my name grew and people started to add it on



How do you get into your creative space? Is it a long process for you?


I usually like to be in my zone with a quiet environment. I feel I’m the most creative around the after hours. Depending on how I feel and the production, the process can be quick with everything flowing or longer where I’m stopping and I’ll come back to it minutes later.


5 things you need when you’re in the studio.

Water, Good Vibes, Honesty, Lyrics, Open Mind


Have any other artist influenced your music?

Yes.. Tupac Shakur, Pharrell, Andrew 3000, Linkin Park, Fallout Boy, Kanye West


Favorite producer’s/ dream collaborations 

Timberland & Pharrell


Tell me about your latest project “ZEE WILL”.

Zee Will is a project I’ve been working on for awhile. It’s pretty much elements of who I am and what’s been going on with me in the last 2 years. It’s a mixture of Story telling, Inspirational messages, fun lyrics & my inner most thoughts.

“I like to be vulnerable and give you a lot of me because it’s therapeutic and a means of expressing myself through words. I hope people give it a chance and really listen to what I have to say. Hopefully it helps or influences people in a positive way.”

What is your favorite song from your album?

I love a lot of the songs on the album but “The Chase” has to be one of my favorites right now


What topics do you find yourself constantly rapping in your music?

Just looking back at my catalog of music I would say the most talked about topic in my songs is the world and how I see it. It’s constantly changing and so am I so theirs always new material to add on


What do you want people to take away from your music?

I want people to feel good after they listen to a song or the whole album. That feeling you get when you listen to a song that you relate too and it makes you reflect. Makes you feel motivated, inspired, amped, positive of the now.


Tell me a little bit more about being a part of the ILL CHILD club? How did that movement start? What does it represent?

“ILL Child is something of a black sheep. Started when I was working on my 3rd mixtape titled “ILL CHILD” which I feel you can get more of detail breakdown on the subject. It represents people that are different from what’s socially normal. Most cases different is good. Some see it as a bad thing. The ILL Child embraces that and stays true to who they are.”

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Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset



Give us some songs you are slapping at the moment.


The Internet – Ego Death, Orijanus – Random Batch, SPZRKT


Upcoming, projects, performances, etc.


Always working on new music but nothing confirmed on project releases. I do have a performance in January 30th in San Jose at the “Art Boutiki” 8pm


Much thanks to my Friend Zears for connecting me with Zee. Make sure you follow him on Instagram to keep up with his tour dates and upcoming projects!



Odilcia B.

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