On January 6th, Blackbuster Films in collaboration with Ethnic Crew, showcased their second film screening and potluck featuring the AFRO•futurism culture. The event took place at SuRu located in downtown Oakland. For those who don’t know, SURU Clothing is not only a dope spot to buy some fresh kicks and some quality threads, the shop also serves as a space that artist in the Bay can come together, and express themselves as well as showcase their art to the rest of the community. January 6th was definitely a night full of deep thought, great food, and of course great vibes. If you missed out, be on the lookout for the next wave. Enjoy.  

*All photos taken by @meccamedia






The Man With a Vision // KHAMALL HOWARD

Introduce yourself for those who don’t know.

I’m Khamall. A lover, dreamer, and visionary with a purpose to spread peace and change the world for the better. brother, son, boyfriend, homie librarian, music junkie, media fanatic, and unapologetic black man. 

Where are you from and how did you end up in the Bay?
 I’m from Cleveland, OH. Raised in Columbus, OH. Moved to the bay to get closer to myself, my father and away from things that were stunting my growth. Ended up here in Aug 2013 after a paradigm shift in my life that made me transition my entire life in the course of a month.
What about the Bay Area intrigues you?

I Love how ironically beautiful the Bay is. So original but, so fake. Culture is so solid but there are culture vultures on every block. Game was refined here by Africans who’ve settled here over the years. Strong Black energy.

You have made a name for yourself in the Bay Area because of all the dope events that you host. How did your journey of being a creator of events begin? 

 My journey began with my mom hosting me dope birthday parties in my youth. They say you spoil kids into having good standards and that’s what happened. I’ve always enjoyed coming together and celebrations for things that mattered to me. That matched with growing up around her booking shows/events for my step fathers reggae band.
What are some things that you want the community to gain from attending one of your events?
I want people to be build their network, gain insight on something or someone new, enjoy themselves, and to leave thinking. I hope that all of my attendees feel a sense of enrichment and enlightenment whenever I invite them out to something.
Favorite event you have thrown so far? 
My favorite event thus far would have to be a tie between the past Blackbuster event at suru, my 1st house party when I was 18, and the beat show/open mic event I hosted with my homie Guled on 15th street.
Other than hosting dope events, what are some of your hidden talents?
I rap, play Chess, and DJ
What sounds are you rocking with right now?  Put us on to some new music! 
I’m bumping all the cool shit I post on soundcloud: lucidlistens 😉 . Particularly my man Pink Siifu   a lot Mick Jenkins and the production group “them people”. a lot of beats from ppl I know to people I look up to (my lil bro madlib). and hella Reggae. Chronnix is dope af. Burning Spear and Dennis Brown hella dope too.
Now let’s get to back Blackbuster. What is exactly is Blackbuster and what inspired
creation of it?
Screenshot 2016-01-19 00.36.26
photo courtesy of Blackbuster Films
Blackbuster originated from hating tv, cable in particular. it’s extremely mind numbing and promotes energy that is detrimental to solidarity and conscious progression of humanity. wanting to create an alternative for myself and friends.
Are all Blackbuster Films based in the Bay Area?
No,  international af.
Describe Blackbuster in three words?  
Black, Imagination, Liberated
What do you want people to gain after going on the Blackbuster page or attending a screening? 

To see something that touches you and makes you want to become active whether passively aggressively, mentally, spiritually, or physical. Just become activated to create a memory.

 Any future plans for the movement? 
More screenings in the community on college campus, and high schools. build momentum to make money, host a film fest, get the summer lit, and MAKE FILMS.
Are there certain requirements to be featured in the Blackbuster page?

To be on the page is just has to be dope. from or about people of african descent. and approved by to me to review its quality and aesthetic. i look for positive, appealing, legitimate, relevant, and relatable
contact me via the tumblr page messages until I start checking the email 😉


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