It is always amazing to encounter people with an extreme passion for their art. That is very much the case with Honey Gold, who I first met at Gold Mind Gallery. Learn more about this beautiful spirit and uncovers her inspirations, the reason for her grind, and her idea of success.

For as long as she can remember, Vallejo native Honey Gold has been using music and her voice to express herself and to share good vibes and knowledge. As she got older, she understood how much the world craves a dynamic feminine energy like herself. She also realized how important music is, and how it transcends across languages and cultures.

“I love music because its the glue that holds the world together and its a universal language that connects us all.”

She is inspired by the everyday, the people that she meets, and the encounters that she has. Her inspiration also lies in the notion of love as a driving force in our lives and the spiritual energies that influence and shape the way that she experiences life.

When asked who she grinds for, her first answer was her daughter Mimi Danielle. 

“I want to show her that no obstacles should keep her from following her calling. I grind for my family to help elevate our people and ultimately, I grind to help break down barriers and create opportunities for those who will follow in my footsteps one day.”


She describes her sound as being poetic Hip Hop, with a smooth jazzy twist. In 2016, she hopes to continue to develop that sound and grow as a musician. She is also a full time student currently attending Mills College where she is studying Music and Psychology. She will be graduating from there in 2017 with two bachelor degrees.

What is your message?

“The message I want to send overall is that everything we want and need is at your fingertips, as long as you claim the power within your spirit.”

Other then singing, do you have other artistic talents?

I also draw and do graphic art/design. I plan on incorporating it more into my music.

As an artist, The Bay Area has taught her how to be true to herself which has thus allowed her to create her own innovative sound. She is currently slappin’ a few Bay Area artists which include Kehlani, Queen Tut, Gigio, Babii Cris, and Taharka.

“That’s just a few, there’s so many talented Bay Area underground artists its hard to name them all.”

 Any shout outs?

“Shout out to all of my supporters who are going on this musical journey with me and of course shout out to Nook & Kranny for giving me my first blog interview!”

Be sure to catch her this Sunday at All Vibez:

Nook and cranny


Instagram: @honeygxld
Twitter: @hon3ygold

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