If you haven’t already heard, Jetpack Jones started 2016 with a bang with the release of his Dopamine EP. About 90% of the project is freestyle and it took only a week to record. The sound is heavily inspired by Atlanta/Bay Area trap music + Japanese anime. I love being able to dive into the mind of artists, and get a deep understanding of what the driving force behind their records. I had Jetpack pick 3 of his favorite tracks, and bless you all with their inspirations. You’re welcome.

Rolling In The Grass

The track that really jump started the Dopamine project is “Rolling In The Grass”.  I recorded this track on the night of December 28th, 2015.  I remember that distinctly because it was my first full day back in The Bay after going to my parents house in so-cal for crimbus.  It wasn’t the first song recorded on the project – I’ll get to that later – nor was it the single/title track obviously, but it was an outlet.  Let me explain:  When I was in so-cal, I couldn’t full enjoy the holiday.  I was so caught up w/ balancing business and trying to see old friends and extended family that it all became a headache at one point.  So instead of going out to holiday parties, I watched Naruto and listened to trap music in my old room at my parents house.  Needless to say when I got back to my crib in Oakland I was inspired!  Rolling In The Grass was recorded fully freestyled off the top after 2 joints of King Louie.  I hit up Bryce and Internet User about the beat and they approved it right away.  And after that, I needed more trap anime beats.

How You Live ft Siri

The first track that was recorded on the Dopamine EP is ironically the last track on the project.  It was recorded right before my trip to so-cal.  At this point, I had no plans of making an EP.  Siri came through to work on some tracks she had written at school in Humboldt.  After she finished those, I played her what would eventually be “How You Live”.  It was only the hook, which I had freestyled over a Trackoholics instrumental.  Off top she was diggin the track and she wanted to write to it.  I told her she was more than welcome to do the verses, but she had to freestyle them.  At first she was apprehensive and played the whole “I don’t freestyle” bullshit I used to pull, but after a few joints it was good!  She knocked out the verses fully off the top of her head in just a couple takes.  Later, after I had finished the rest of the EP, it seemed only appropriate to add “How You Live” as a bonus track.  The vibes are undeniable!

A While ft AprilFoolChild

Anytime someone attempts to put me onto a new artist, I’m naturally skeptical.  Forgive me, that’s just how I am.  So when my friend Mecca off-handedly said “You and AprilFoolChild should collab” I instantly thought to myself >>pssh, that ain’t happenin<<.  But then, some random universal shit happened.  Tone Oliver was having a birthday gathering at his new crib in East Oakland so naturally I had to buy him some weed from Blüm on the way there.  Mecca agreed to drive that day and as I’m exiting the med shop and walking back to the car, I see some random lady w/ grocery bags leaning into Mecca’s car holding a conversation in the rain.  As I get closer, I recognize her as AprilFoolChild.  (I recognized her from NookandKranny’s Winter Vibration show).  Long story short, she winds up coming w/ us to Tone’s party and she turns out to be a really dope person that I vibe w/ right away.  She also happened to be in so-cal for some shows while I was there, so we linked up to smoke a couple times.  When we both got back to Oakland, we recorded “A While”.  It’s rare I come across an artist that makes me feel like I’m not working hard enough, but Brielle aka AprilFoolChild from Philly is one of those artists and I respect her hustle to the max!  This song is the perfect reflection of that.

Be sure to check out the full Dopamine EP and follow Jetpack on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all things Jetpack Jones. Also, if you haven’t already done so, check him out in the Nook and Kranny Cypher.


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