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If you’re living in The Bay and haven’t already heard of Rehab Online Magazine you are definitely sleep. Well wake up, because if it’s dope and in the bay, Rehab probably has something to do with it. This week, our Queen See Queen feature is about one of the founders of the site – Evangeline Elder. Check yourself into Rehab, and learn more about the magazine, Vange’s inspiration, and some awesome advice for those interested in being in the media and entertainment industry.

Oakland native Evangeline started Rehab with a college friend in 2013. She’s always had a love for music and wanted to some day own or lead something, it just wasn’t clear what until a life changing moment in 2013.

“I had the idea randomly after I got into a car crash and went through a bad break-up. I was bored, didn’t have anything to do, and decided to harvest my energy towards a website so I wouldn’t be so focused on all of the negative energy around me and that one asshole.”

Currently, music and entertainment sites are filled with gossip and Love and Hip-Hop recaps. Vange wanted to provide readers with the opposite, a rehab for the culture and music community, hence the name. 


The music and entertainment industry is also filled with men, so breaking down doors and making a name for yourself as a woman is difficult task, especially when you are a woman of color. Vange creates urban content that is usually curated by people outside of the African-American race, so sometimes it is difficult for a black woman to be as respected as a non-black woman who is creating the same content. 

“I pushed through by leveling the playing field and staying behind the scenes of my brand at first so there wouldn’t be any bias. It’s definitely not the route for everyone; but it’s helped me to establish Rehab as a brand that stands on its own, regardless of the race of the person who’s writing.”


Now don’t let any of this discourage you. Yes, being a women of color in this field is difficult, but no one said it would be easy. You have to stay true to yourself, be fearless, and know that everything you push through will one day result in a win. Evangeline’s advice? Be fearless and not afraid to go against the grain. 

“Often times, the best ideas take a lot of courage to execute. You can’t be afraid to be different than your friends or tell your parents you have an idea. Take full advantage of your voice and use your emotions to your advantage. When I’m in meetings with men, I pick up on vibes and emotions much more easier than them. I use that as a secret little superpower to moderate or lead a meeting.”

We chose Vange to be featured in our Queen See Queen campaign because she truly embodies the idea of Girl Power. And yes, I probably sound like some cliche Spice Girl’s quote but the whole purpose of the movement is to recognize Queens that are making a name for themselves in the Bay Area, while also empowering those around them, and embracing their inner Queen.

“In my opinion, being a woman means persevering through anything and embracing your intuitive emotions all at the same time. Being a woman is beautiful. Our minds are so different than men and that should be celebrated. Doing business like a woman should be more celebrated. Our mood swings, intuition, and ability to love hard are amazing attributes.”


Rehab Online Mag has come such a long way since it’s creation in 2013 and continues to grow on a daily basis. In 5 years, Evangeline hopes to continue this growth, both on the site and behind the scenes.

“As my eye changes, I definitely want to keep the youth in mind and pass the torch eventually. We have a team of 8 now and I’m hoping to continue building a platform that garners the right attention throughout the next 5 years.”

As Rehab continues to grow, it makes sense that Evangeline keeps progressing and evolving. As her journey continues, she hopes to be completely immersed in artist/music marketing and branding within the next 5 years. She hopes to continue to spread her message of hard work and love, and overall wants to be able to make her parents proud. 

“I grind for my mom and dad. I pray one day that I can take care of all their finances. I wasn’t the nicest teenager and I owe them a lot. [When it comes to my message] I want all women to realize that hard work does pay off. It may take longer than our male counterparts but it pays off and someone out there will recognize your efforts and talent. Shoutout to all of the boss babes out there making it happen worldwide.”


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