As some of you may already know, Odilcia and I went to Hawaii earlier this month. Before heading out, we wanted to get in shape and work on our bodies. This is when we reached out to Gary of Plant Based Fitness. We took part in his 28-Day Transformation Challenge and haven’t felt this healthy and this good in a while. If you’re looking for that extra push when it comes to your health and working out, look no further.

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Get the Package that Fits Your Needs
Contact Gary to schedule your initial consultation and complementary training session with.  This session will introduce you to the facility and answer any questions that you may have. After learning about what your needs are, he will help lay out a plan of action and recommend the right option for you. Tell him what your goals are and he will  let you know which plan would best fit your needs.

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Need a Nutritional Plan? Get One Tailor Made for You

Stop with the copy and past nutrition plans. Plant Based Fitness Nutrition Program is made with your individual goals in mind. You start by building a list of all the foods you enjoy. You then put together meal plans and log your daily food choices. Here’s where the magic happens! The Plant Based Fitness Nutrition Tracker will analyze your diet and meal plans for any nutrient imbalances and recommend what foods you should add or remove to balance everything out. For example, say your meal plan for the day is lacking Potassium. The Nutrition Tracker will go through the list of foods you enjoy, see that you listed bananas and recommend that you balance your diet for the day by adding a banana. Incredible isn’t it?

Some features included are:

  1.   An attractive, easy to use interface
  2.   A system for tracking several different goals
  3. Voice journaling that allows you to make notes or set reminders on the fly Balances your diet based on a whopping 2​6​different nutrients
  4. Your balanced meal plans are added to a library that you can also search through and get ideas from.
  5. You’ll even find a few of my own recipes on there!

So what are you waiting for? Contact Planet Fitness today and get started on your transformation.


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