For this week’s #QueenseeQueen feature, I am super excited to introduce a very special woman Sheena Fuson. Like many of the other queens we have featured in this segment, there isn’t one particular thing that Sheena does. The self proclaimed “Urban Fairy” is an artist, healer, chef, entrepreneur, great friend and fitness guru. She literally does it all and what even more dope about this Queen is that she uses her talents for good! Sheena has been successful in creating community events that encourage healthy living throughout the East Bay in addition to offering free fitness classes in Oakland once a week. I had the chance to chop it up with Sheena and discovered what brought her into the fitness world, what the F does she do for a living, and was blessed to receive some healthy living tips. Enjoy.

So what exactly do you do? 

   Damn, this is a great question I never really pondered on too much lately. A plethora of things I suppose. I’ve lived a bit, love risks, open to new experiences, and change my mind way too damn much. Lol. Elementary Teacher, Artist, Chef, Personal Trainer…..all balled up in a  natural-born curly head entrepreneur.  But currently, my bills get paid by teaching spin/kettlebell/bootcamp classes here in W. Oakland at Truve. Or you can catch me at Lake Merritt working out a client , making them HATE me…but love me later. *kissy face emoji* Lol. My heart will always be intertwined within the arts and youth tho. Por Vida. Lately a lot of my creative energy has been within Oakland creating monthly projects/events that infuse health, art, and youth, which has steadily evolved into one of my main passions currently.

What inspired you to get into health and wellness?

     Lawdyyyy, it’s been ingrained in my DNA. Lol. My Dad was a professional body builder before he had my brother and I so there was no choice but to know about it. He was more into it back in the late 70’s early 80’s, known as the Golden Age of BodyBuilding. He was pretty dedicated. I remember seeing old vintage pictures of him in his best muscle man poses…lol… Me and my brother would hellllla clown, seeing him in a red bikini bottom was not natural for a child. Lol. Still really proud of him tho. When he trained he was apart of a smaller less tainted enterprise. The training was predominantly combined in the livelihood. It was a lifestyle choice more for my Dad, which he ingrained in me as a child. The goal wasn’t  endorsements,sponsorships, or fame and fortune. It is in my dad’s blood ,an evolving passion that helped form my character and positive self identity for sure. He was always involved within the community and youth. He Opened up a boxing gym and youth center where we grew up and I would tag along to EVERYTHING. I was the mandatory volunteer. Lol. All this healthy youthful activity wired in mì brain as a young women.


What are a couple of ways to incorporate healthy living into a busy lifestyle?

   It’s actually more simple than people assume. Just be realistic with your goals.  One. Drink water. Two. Cut back on drinking a lot of soda or coffee. Three. Cut back sugar. There is something called the “80/20” rule in your eating. If 80 percent of what you eat is healthy, allow to take it a little easier for the remains 20 percent.  Look for people to hold you accountable for the goals you set for yourself, whip your butt back in order. And get a Bike!!!

What advice do you have for people who want to get healthy but they feel like they can’t afford the lifestyle? 

     Honestly, a healthy lifestyle should be top priority. When we take care of ourselves, it reflects in our jobs, relationships and communities. I think it’s a common misconception that being healthy is so costly. A little strategizing and creativity can take you a long way with your food dollars and fitness.  Also, a efficient workout doesn’t have to be at a gym. Go on a walk, bike ride, hike, help a friend move(that’s always happnin’)…lol….get creative.


How did you become successful in the fitness world?

   Not sure if I’ve reached success honestly. It’s a grind as a self hype women. I can afford to live here independently, so I feel like that’s a good start.lol. But Success to me in fitness is genuinely wanting to see people heal and feel good about themselves. As long as I’m doing that, I would consider myself WINNIIIIING!

Any advice for other female entrepreneurs?

    Yes. Your very special group of people. Use your creative genius for the good of humankind. Seriously.

Do you have any other hidden talents we don’t know about?

    I’m an Urban Fairy…straight up.


Does living in the Bay Area have an impact on your art? How so?

     Most definitely!!!!  It’s not inclusive to just Oakland which is dope. It’s any artist/movement/collective  residing in nine counties essentially. All with there own lil flavor. Nothing’s too posh or gritty in the art scene to me. I’m open and influenced by them all. I’m blowing through this city at a monumental shift within the infusion of art,activism, and community is making headway. I’m pretty thankful to witness and take part in some of those movements.

What do you love most about living in the Bay Area?

    Currently. In this moment. Realizing how close I am too nature. How quickly I can jump from one realm to the other in less than 30 minutes. A quick getaway to all natural green landscapes and water is life. The Women , Queens, I witness collaborating and encouraging one another in elevation. The men, Kings, leading and giving back and educating their communities. The creative minds, innovative minds……. and Thai Cuisine. I’m still learning so much tho.

Any upcoming projects you want to shout out?

Yea, I have a few shameless plugs.lol. Ya’ll need to get your butts this Saturday to Oakland Terminal. Vavi is throwing NOT UR BABY PT.2  which is an art show and benefit for the fight against human trafficking. I’ll be collaborating in a live art performance with some Queen creative members within the  art collective of The House of Malico. Look for future bike rides, nature excursions, cuisine street food, and elevating projects this summer 2016. That’s it. It’s All Happening. And I’m thankful for all those who are influencing the good shit out of me!!!
Featured photos by Mecca Media 

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