Bay Area native Sasha Kelley is a curator and creator of contemporary culture and arts. Co-founder of the Malidoma Collective,  Ms.Kelley uses her collective, photography, and other means of expression to heal the masses with art. Get to know this unstoppable queen as we close out this month’s Queen See Queen series. 
Can you describe the Malidoma Collective?
Malidoma Collective started as an intention to bring WOC together to collaborate.
Our goal was to build confidence, as creators & entrepreneurs, through the organization of healing activities,  pop-up shops &community engagements.
How did you get involved?
Queens D.Light and I were introduced through a mutual friend. “Up Out The Margins“, was the first show we curated together in 2012. It was an intergenerational  show that featured over 20 woman of color artist. From that experience we kept building and founded Malidoma Collective.
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 Can people join?
Malidoma Collective was an incubator space for a foundational community which will always be active in spirit. #squad.
 In 2016, we began a new chapter to evolve our careers as contemporary culture makers.
The House of Malico, a production agency is now our focused agenda. The idea is not to join but to contribute to our various creative productions & events.
We are currently accepting submissions for an upcoming publication. Peep the site for deets 🙂 
Does the Malidoma Collective have any upcoming events?
The House of Malico’s next event is Twerk 4 Mother Earth coming this summer, #woopwoop!
What does being a woman mean to you?
Being a woman is something beyond words. It is mother, sister, creator, God. It is being a multidimensional being with the power and grace to flow like the tide with the moon.
How do you think that women are portrayed in mainstream media?
Tricky question that depends on what you define as mainstream. Radio, television & tabloids ?
Blogs, tumblr, IG & social media feeds ? I’d rather spend time focusing on the positive.  I am very adamant at keeping my scope intimate to the things I love and find inspiring ie WOC gender fluid loving. When I do glimpse into other worlds I do see progress is here and more is coming. Essence Magazine is doing things on Black Girl Magic. Doors are opening.

How are you currently using your voice to alter this?
My vision and voice, the work that I am doing, the things that we are creating is power to amplify this.
To expand and immortalize our truth, by healing through our art.
When did you start photography?
How has being a mother changed you?
Being a mother is teaching me how to focus my energy, to cherish my time & to stand in my power overall.

Who inspires you?
What does success look like to you?
Success looks like me having the ability to provide regenerative resources to my family and community for generations to come.
Success looks like me being able to live and be and create and explore within the cycles of joy and bliss that the universe is always providing me.
Success looks like me not having to think about bills, fees, & taxes.
Success is the elimination of limitations of stress, worry & fear.
How would you describe your personality?
Ever building

Queen See Queen: Which Queens do you want to shout out? Queens whose journey you or mission you want to acknowledge.
To Mercedes Torrey for being dedicated to her journey of serving her highest self & our people.
To Emily Mclean, for allowing me to be the executive president of her fan club and taking the leap to explore the world & follow her dreams.
To Janjay Mathews for always inspiring a sistah with love, truth, and staying true to her authentic cutting edge style.
To Adenike Amin for staying an artist to the core, a true inspiration !
To Akima for being a jack of all trades with a hefty sandwich through this whole process thing.
Extra shot outs to the ENTIRE House of Malico crew & community past, future, & present #itsalllovebew
*All photos courtesy of Mecca Media and Interiorbond unless otherwise noted. 

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