I first met Babii Cris at Gold Mind Gallery. I didn’t know who she was, or what to expect but my God I was blown away. Her delivery, her flow, everything about her set was amazing. I am a total fan, and am so excited that she agreed to bless the All Vibez stage. Take a moment out of your day and get to know this powerful MC.

22 year old Christiana Roverso who goes by her stage name Babii Cris has been writing poetry and music since she was 7 years old. As her love of music continued to grow, she soon learned how to play the guitar and at age 15 developed a skill for producing beats, and engineering and recording her own music.

“I started out my home studio with just a laptop and Fruity Loops. As time progressed, I got a mac laptop while I was in community college in 2011-2012 studying Music Electronic, I then learned how to use Logic 9. In 2012-2013 I went to the Art Institute in the Audio Production program that I was in for a few quarters until I was no longer able to afford school.”

She first fell in love with music while in her mother’s womb. Her mom would play a large variety of music from classical to hip-hop and as her mother played music, baby Babii was in the belly absorbing all of it.

“My mom said I would bounce around in her belly every time she played music and put her belly near it.”


She uses music as a way of self expression. She speaks her truth in hopes of not only sharing her experiences and her struggles, but also how they hold her back as well as how she is able to overcome them. She wants to inspire others to follow their dreams and passion the same way she follow hers.

“I want others to heal and put their own experiences to my music so that it can help them to stay strong and feel empowered and inspired. My message is to be yourself, and be your own life’s philosopher, never stay silent when you know you want to say something.”

Although she is working on her music every day she also spends a huge portion of her time working to not only pay her bills but also to help her family. It’s difficult having to balance your dream with your career, your family, and your love life, but in the end she knows that it will all be worth it.


This path that she is on, the grind that pushes her is all for those around her who continue to support her. Her family, her girlfriend, her girlfriends family. Those people around the world who have been forced to be their own hero. And the community who she hopes to empower and heal.

“I work for the non-profit Hip Hop For Change, which is heavily concentrated around Hip-Hop music, using it as a platform to spread awareness on social and racial injustices. Please do visit the website to learn more about what we do

The Bay Area community and culture has greatly inspired the person that she is today. Although in her opinion many view The Bay as a place to turn up, ghost ride the whip and act a fool, many outsiders miss what’s important and special about us, which is the diversity and the culture.

“I love how the Bay is filled with so many different ethnicities, people and cultures, how there is not one way that people are “supposed to be”, people just are, and are accepted and loved”


You guys already know how I like to end my interviews. Time for shout outs!

Shoutout to Nook & Kranny for putting this together and having me a part of this interview and amazing group/collective. Shoutout to my girlfriend Espejo Designs an amazing graphic designer who designs most of my personal artist graphics and flyers. Shoutout to Hip Hop For Change for the amazing movement I am honored to be a part of. Shoutout to Visual Street Films for capturing amazing quality video and I can’t wait to drop more videos with you and learn how to work the camera and edit visuals! Shoutout to Junknuts out of Ashikaga Japan, the producer who produced my entire 2nd album Fearless that will be releasing on May 21st, 2016 (same day as the release party location TBA). Shoutout to my girl Ghena who illustrated the cover art for Fearless, and did such a unique and amazing job! Shoutout to everyone friends, family, supporters and artists who are all doing their thing individually and when coming together we are all doing some amazing things as well, those who also are supporting me and the community by just being who you are within it. Much love, shoutout to YOU 🙂 ❤  

Make sure to keep up with all things Babii Cris by clicking here. Also, if you have yet to catch her live, here are some upcoming performances that she has coming your way.

April 17th – All Vibez
Nook and cranny
April 22 – Judge for the Hip Hop For Change beat battle at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts.
April 23rd – 9th Unrapped Showcase at Layer Studios 3421 Telegraph Ave. (more info at
July 21st – Back Bar Sofa in San Jose for a the BeatCellar tour powered by Beat Cellar & Damaddhouze. (more performances coming up and will be listed at

*All photos used were shot by @YoooKayla

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