God bless Soundcloud and Instagram for allowing me to stumble across today’s Music Monday feature. I’ve heard his name a few times but the release of ‘Let’s Just Be Friends’ is what really grabbed my ears attention. The rest is DM history. I hit him up about All Vibez with fingers crossed and am hyped that he will be hitting the stage this Sunday. Get to know the man behind the mic and be sure to see him perform live this Sunday at All Vibez.

What is your name and where are you from?
J.Lately – I was born in Oakland, moved to Sebastopol, moved back to Oakland, moved back to Sebastopol, and am probably gonna move back to Oakland.

How did you get into music?

I started listening to hip hop music mainly because my older brother was really into it. I used to steal his tapes and CDs and listen to them on my headphones in my room. I noticed that I could memorize songs and recite them really easily. Then I just kinda started adding my own words to things, or flipping lines to include words that applied to me. From there on I just started writing more and more consistently. I was really just playing around with it as a hobby for a long time before I started to take the music more seriously.

How long have you been doing music?
It’s been a long time. I started playing around with rapping early in my high school years and have been doing it since then. It wasn’t until a couple years after I graduated college and moved back to Oakland that I started to take it seriously though.


J Daygo-17


What made you fall in love with music?
It’s weird because I feel like I’ve fallen in love with music multiple times. I’ve always loved music ever since I can remember being alive. My parents used to play a bunch of music in the house when I was little and I think it was kinda just instilled in me. I would say that when I fell in love with hip hop music though was at the end of high school and beginning of college. I was listening to a ton of hip hop up until then, but not much stuff that I really felt like I could relate to on a deeper level. It was at that time that I started to discover a bunch of other hip hop that I hadn’t been exposed to before. Blogs and file sharing were just getting poppin, and it was this really cool environment where there was tons of underground but really quality hip hop coming to the surface. That stuff also inspired me to look back at a bunch of amazing stuff from the past that I hadn’t been exposed to either. Lastly, I’d say that I’ve fallen even more in love with hip hop music since I started taking rapping more seriously. Just seeing all the places it allows me to go, the people it allows me to meet, the personal growth and happiness it brings to my life, all that shit is just truly amazing to me.


How would you describe your sound?
It’s hella hard for me to categorize my own sound. But, I’ve been told things like classic boom bap but with a modern feeling, stoner music, positive hip hop, all the good shit haha. It’s funny because the two people I get compared to the most are Jay-Z and Slug from Atmosphere, which in terms of the hip hop spectrum are on like opposite sides, although there are definitely some similarities that could be drawn. Really though I don’t think I’ve fully found and developed my sound yet, I think that’s something that’s a continuous process for me right now.



Dream collabo?
Devin The Dude or Stevie Nicks


What is your message?
Be nice to each other, be nice to yourself. Try fucking hard at whatever it is that you decide to do and go easy on each other. We’re all just trying to figure this shit out too. P.S. Smoke weed if you want to.


How do you hope to impact your community?
Honestly, I tend to think more about how my music can impact people on a personal level than on a community level. I really hope my music can just help people be happier. I hope it can help people through their personal shit, inspire them to dream, all that stuff. I really believe that if people were able to just be happier and more at peace with themselves we would all just start to treat each other a little better. I know that’s really simplifying things, but yeah.
LJBF Cover Full Res-10 copy


Finish this sentence: I use music to…
deal with my shit.


What are you currently working on?
Working on new music, videos, and tours. Nothing that’s ready to announce yet because I’m still pushing my last album, Let’s Just Be Friends. But things are always being worked on and plans are always being put in place, and we got a lot of cool shit already ready to go.


How has music changed your life?
It’s helped me continue to grow as a person and live my life to the fullest. It’s allowed me to go places I never thought I would go, do things I never thought I’d get to do, go on tours with people I never thought I’d even know personally, feel highs I didn’t think existed.


Which Bay Area artist – both mainstream and underground – are you currently listening to?
When it comes to Bay Area artists I really just play a lot of the music of the people I fuck with. Things I’ve been playing a lot are Beejus, Oops, Space Cadet, Down 2 Earth, Azure’s new album. I also heavily fuck with Zion I, Locksmith, all of Hiero, but more recently Pep’s solo stuff has been dope.


How has the Bay influenced you?
It’s taught me to just be myself, while at the same time providing me with one of the most diverse arrays of inspiration to draw from in the world. I’m reminded all the time when driving through the country on tour how I’ve been exposed to all types of amazing things that aren’t always so prevalent in other places. There really aren’t many places like the Bay Area.


Any upcoming performances?
4.17 @ All Vibez in Berkeley || 1317 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
4.28 @ Mentality Flow in San Francisco
5.1 @ Steamer’s in South Lake Tahoe
And keep posted for a new tour announcement coming soon…


Shout outs?
Everyone, you’re great. But especially all the people that have helped me along the way, you’re even better.

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