It’s obvious that The Bay Area is filled with talented creatives, but if you think about it, when is the last time you had the chance to go to an event strictly to NETWORK with other creatives and not just to turn up? Mecca, along side of Alyssa of Bless Magazine are doing something a bit different than your typical weekend day party. Created 2 Create is a mixer where creators can well…create!

Installations will be presented by the artists that you see on the flyer, there will be a photo studio, food, and a ton of vendors. During the 5’Ocklock hour you’ll be serenaded with poetry, and throughout the day you will be flooded with great creative energy.

Shot by Mecca
Shot by Mecca

Mecca of Mecca Media is a lover, photographer and aspiring documentarian. The young Bay Area transplant is originally from L.A, but has been inspired by the all the love and culture of the Bay Area that she now calls it home.

“I’ve been dying to get into film, I’m really hoping to meet more models as well as just people with similar creative visions as me so we can collab on a series of things, not just photos. I’m still growing as a photographer, and hand picked everyone involved straight from Instagram. A lot of us have never met in person before but we communicate through social media platforms showing each other love! Ive always thought that was really dope, these people are artists that inspire me to create with no boundaries, and regardless of our different styles of photography I know there is stuff we can all learn and give to each other.



Shot by Alyssa
Shot by Alyssa

Alyssa Lauren Chavez is an artist who does just about everything from clothes, to music, poetry to photography, to dance & choreography. She is mainly here to spread love and translate the message of the universe to those who need to receive it.

“I chose to put this event together because I believe there are so many artists in this community with incredible talent, drive, and potential. A lot of the times, artists become caught up trying to further themselves as individuals, and the talent of artists around them is ignored or even viewed as competition. Collaborations make my heart thrive. It’s such a beautiful experience to work with others who are as passionate as you are, or even just meet and engage with those who share the same interests, style, and beliefs. With Created to Create we are hosting a comfortable place where artists from every line of work can come together and meet someone new that they could potentially work and vibe with. This event is a place to foster the notion that we were all meant to create, and better yet create together.”

– Alyssa

This event is open to all. So make sure to come with an open mind, an open heart and your business cards of course! Follow @meccamedia for @blesslys more info!


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