R.I.C.O. G

My first encounter with R.I.C.O G was at the SURU pop-up shop in downtown Oakland. I have said this in past articles, and I will say it again. SURU plays a huge role in preserving the Hip-Hop culture in the Bay Area. The shop also gives creatives a space to freely express themselves, network, and discover other like minded individuals. Anyway, back to R.I.C.O. I never actually got to meet him that day at SURU but I did get a chance to hear his music. The man is extremely talented both lyrically and when it comes to performing. He is able to put you in a trance while performing so you have no choice but to pay attention.

Screenshot 2016-04-13 07.59.55Photo courtesy 

R.I.C.O. G released the first of two new projects scheduled to debut in 2016. The nine track playlist is smooth and soulful throughout with heavy doses of old school inspirations combined with heavy bass and tempo. His exceptional lyrical ability and his honest content complete the formula for a vibe that can only be referred to as COOL.

HF&C includes features from Oakland’s rising stars Young Murph The Kid who recently featured on IAMSU!’s Kilt 3 and Beejus of the local independent label Free Spirit whose newest album BeeSmoove2 is a favorite among bay fans and tastemakers.

R.I.C.O. G is most recently known for his late night street performances in Uptown Oakland, performances at Oakland’s ‘Massive Monday Cypher’, and his 16 bars on the Sway in the Morning cypher during Oakland’s first annual ‘Sway Day’.

R.I.C.O and I finally had the chance to really talk at a networking event hosted by the great people at REHABONLINEMAG. We discussed his journey in the rap game, some of his studio essentials, and his musical influences.

Screenshot 2016-04-13 08.01.02

Screenshot 2016-04-13 08.02.00Photo courtesy of @Samgeeeez 

So how did your journey  begin?

I was in New York when my journey in music began. I played football when I was in college but I was a walk on. So when the season ended, I could not get transferred anywhere so I used music to fill that void. I began to get good feedback so I kept going.

Biggest Music Influences 

Kanye West, Pharrell, E-40 and most definitely Lupe Fiasco. But the Bay made me. Growing up in the hyphy movement is different than just listening to music from the hyphy movement that sound has a big influence on my music.

What are some of your studio essentials?

Water. Weed. Good energy and cool people and no bullshit.

Make sure to hit the official Rico G website and to follow him on Instagram to stay up to date with tour dates and new music. If you see Rico around the Bay, Say hi!  He’s Hella nice!

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