Bay Area songstress Rayana Jay is back and better and has just released “Sleepy Brown,” the first track from her upcoming EP and the follow-up to her 2015 debut mixtape XXI. Before blessing your ears with this smooth laid-back cut, which was produced by Mikos Da Gawd, we wanted to give you 5 facts about Rayana that you may not have known. 

1. Heartbreak was the catalyst for her evolution as a person and artist. 

“Heartbreak played a major role in (my) evolution. That sounds awful but it’s true. I write songs about love; being in love, wanting to be in love, loving alcohol, all types of love. So to lose the main thing I was writing about, I had to dig really deep to make music where there didn’t seem to be any. It was only just over a year ago but the Rayana Jay that dropped XXI was very different than the one that’s creating now. That version of me was in a comfortable place. Sometimes you have to get really uncomfortable to grow. I can honestly say I’m very happy with who and where I am right now.”

2. Want to get her creative juices flowing? Pass her some Hennessy. 

“Hennessy, apple juice & 50¢ cups of ice from New Princess Market have been doing it for me lately. I’ve been around such amazing & talented people, so I can’t help but to follow suit. I’ve been hella inspired lately by any and everything. I’ve been in a constant state of creativity, just thinking of new songs everyday. Got back into producing. Every space has become my creative space.”

3. She wants to bring back the simps of R&B

“I really miss when men said shit like, “baby I would cry for you.” R&B right now is good, but it’s definitely missing that honesty, modesty, & vulnerability. R&B, like any genre, has to reflect the time & the culture, and right now we’re living in a very “fuck love & emotions” era; a lot of people are really just avoiding the love, and that’s okay just repetitive. There are so many amazing singers who are still keeping traditional R&B alive, so I’m definitely still here for it.”

4. Her ability to write helps her stand apart from other artists. 

“I’m a writer, before the music even happened, I was working in a newsroom. I try to be as honest and as transparent with my writing as possible.

5. If she could, she would tell 12-year old Rayana to chill and stop stressing

“(I’d be like) Girl…look. You can’t even imagine how lit your life will be in 10 years. Drink a lot of water, you’re gonna need it.” 

Now that you know a little bit more about her, make sure to check out her latest song and be on the lookout for her project, which we promise is worth the wait. 

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Twitter | @rayanajay

Soundcloud | @rayanajay

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