I have never met someone who is so unapologetically herself. From her sound to her style, Oakland native Siri is definitely a trendsetter and I finally got the chance to chop it up with her and discuss her most recent project G.L.O.E, her love for music, and her style and sound. 

When did you fall in love with music? 

Technically the first time I ever made a song was with my father who also makes music – Tajai from hieroglyphics – when I was 4 years old, but I didn’t start making music myself until i was a sophomore in high school. It kind of just started off as a hobby and then i realized “hey this shit is pretty dope” so I began to take it more seriously. Now its the love of my life! 

Has music always been your chosen form of expression? 

When I was younger I actually was more interested into fashion and I always would make the joke that I would never make music just because thats what everyone expected. Eventually, I just had too many sounds in my head and I decided to try rapping with my brother Wizzo Mack for a while. I gained more confidence and after that it began to become all I wanted to do.

How would you describe your sound? 

My sound is somewhat all over the place. I like to try new things and expand myself. It ranges from mainly hip hop all the way to neo soul in some categories. I like things that sound very atmospheric, as if I’m in outer space but also its still something i can feel. I grew up around a lot of different sounds so I kind of just try and use all my influences to sculpt my music. 

I love that you are totally grounded in your truth. Has that always been the case?

When i was in elementary and middle school and even in high school I never really fit in so I just kind of took my awkwardness and made it into something. I feel like if you are unapologetically you at all times, then you live with no regrets and you are able to be happier because everything you do is for you (if that makes sense). We are all beautiful it just takes time to realize what we are capable of. Now that I actually have life long friends and things I’m still awkward but more comfortable so I consider it a journey more than a definite thing. 

How did you come up with G.L.O.E?

GLOE came about slowly but surely over my first semester of college. It was just like a whole bunch of songs that I had worked on with my friends when I would travel back and forth and they somewhat just came together after a while. I came up with the concept of Give Love Over Everything because its just kind of something I learned over the years. Love always is more powerful than hate and when we love we grow. So thats why I decided to call the tape GLOE because it was made off of love. 

Favorite track on G.L.O.E and why? 

My favorite track is the last one its called “Fly”. I think that its my favorite because I made it about 2 years ago and it was the first song that i made by myself. I can still remember that day hella clearly and all the feelings I had during creation so it is easily my favorite. 

“Don’t do drugs, yea just do me” what effects would you say that the Siri drug would have on people?

If I were a drug I’d probably be like weed or something. I’d be a drug that makes u a chill person but still hyphy so like maybe a sativa. I don’t know (laughs) Siri the drug would just be pure vibes i guess a smooth trip. 

How do you get into your creative space? 

Usually I just smoke and chill until things come to me. I like to listen to tracks multiple times before I start to write if I have them before hand just so i can play around with different things I can try before I record. Songs just somewhat come to me. I like to use the situations I’m in or how i am feeling in the moment to sculpt my projects. 

What does success look like to you? 
Success to me is being happy and having everyone around me happy. I just want to be happy with whatever I do and be able to take care of my family and have us living comfortable. My family and my best friends are my main supporters which is an amazing feeling. I love my family/squad and they mean more to me than anything in this world. Once I can give them the world they gave me my life will be complete.

What’s your message? 

Love yourself and do whatever makes you feel happy. If you don’t love yourself nobody else will and it takes time to learn to be you so don’t ever feel like you aren’t moving fast enough. Also don’t ever let anyone tell you what you “aren’t” capable of because you can be anything you wanna be in life if you take it seriously. Lastly, always remember to have fun with everything you do because it’ll show in your craft and your love for yourself will expand. 

What Bay Area artists do you have your eye out on? 

All of Le Vanguard is sick ass artists

Jjaahz from OnTask Family she’s from philly but she puts in a lot of work out here 

Loady is a sick ass visual artist

Legendary is clean he recently came out with a new project 

WavBros are doing their thing as far as production and DJing

I don’t know the bay is really booming right now shoutout to everyone who’s doing their thing. 

Dream collab? 

My dream collab would probably be with Iman Omari, Erykah Badu, or The Internet. They all have made music that has really helped me figure out my sound and what i am capable of so that’s something that would be super dope to me.

What’s coming up for you? What are you working on? 

I’m working on a new project that I plan on releasing during September called GAWDYBAWDY which is going to be a completely different sound. I have a lot of new things coming with Wax Roof who’s a dope producer that i am really excited to be working with. I also have shows coming up around the bay so be sure to keep an eye out for that! 



Twitter: @j2trippy

Instagram: @siribo510

All photos courtesy of Ashley Alexander @swtched.on

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