This Saturday, The House of Malico is bringing you all ‘Twerk for Mother Earth,’ a free concert series connecting Black indie artist to Oakland’s Black inner city. They will be offering space for community to heal through movement, meditation and art. Music performances by @tiffanygouche @duckwrth @siribo510 @ambr33zyba and the @womynscc will be leading a sister cypher. 

The House of Malico is a multi medium art production platform re-imagining contemporary culture through their vision and voices as women of color. As a social practice, they collaborate with local artist and arts organizations on art and media projects. Together, they co-create opportunities to transmute their individual and universal experiences. Their goal is to empower, inspire, and affirm WOC creativity by propelling expressive healing arts to the forefront of art, media and culture.

T4ME invites wellness food vendors,healers and artists that promote Consent-based, anti-rape culture to empower. As an annual party for a cause, T4ME 2016 will be having live art with Jjaahz, Go Cosmic Ninja and Loadylo. The pieces will be raffled with proceeds going towards The Black Woman is God Organization & The family of Terrence McCrary. Terrence was a 22 year old artist and friend killed by senseless violence this week.  Let’s love and support one another in these times. See you Saturday. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 6.59.55 PM


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