My last year as a undergrad student is quickly approaching and all I can say is that IT’S FINALLY OVER!  College for me has truly been an adventure full of lessons, failures, achievements and personal growth.  A lot of my failures during undergrad was because of poor time management (netflix) and a lack of staying organized and planning my days out.

So I created a guide of some tips and tricks I wish I knew about before I started undergrad I hope it helps!



Screenshot 2016-08-25 10.57.36

Physically writing down your intentions, is the first step into making them a reality. The Passion Planner is my go to planner because it makes accomplishing goals so simple! The Passion Planner allows for you to:

  • schedule out your time
  • set intentions
  • reflect every month
  • get creative

The planners are a bit expensive but ,are definitely worth every penny! Make sure to follow them on instagram to stay up to date on any sales and be sure to use nook.kranny@gmail.com for your referral 🙂




Music is a huge part of my everyday life! So it’s important that I have it access to it everywhere I go even while I’m studying. Luckily, we have Spotify (based in SF). Spotify has a HUGE library of music and playlist for every mood that you can stream at all times of the day. Spotify offers a special student plan for only $5 a month that makes it possible to listen to music offline just in case your cell phone data isn’t poppin like that. Check them out HERE.



Screenshot 2016-08-29 09.56.07

It’s not a secret that most universities do not have great healthy options for its students on campus and if they do, it’s HELLA expensive. So for the good of your mind and your pockets, I would pack a lunch. If you are not the lunch box type, you can get these cool Bento Boxes online or use mason jars! Here is some meal prep inspo:



Screenshot 2016-08-29 10.16.25.png


Don’t waste your money buying flash cards. Quizlet  (Bay Area Based) created a free and easy way to study for your test online or on your phone! All you have to do is create an account, and type in the terms and answers of what you need to learn and BOOM you’re ready for your midterms just like that.




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