Over the weekend, The Nook and Kranny Squad linked up with the creators of Clouds The Series. Check out the exclusive interview now!


Clouds the Series is an up and coming comedy that follows Malcom Gibson, a 27 year old software engineer who currently resides in Oakland California. 

Throughout the series, viewers watch Malcom deal with the breakup of him and his fiancé, – she pulled the it’s not you it’s me card – the creation of a music based dating app – think tinder + apple music if they had a love child – and Malcom’s attempt to reenter the dating scene.

Over the weekend, The Nook and Kranny Squad linked up with series creators Theo and Obatala If you hadn’t already heard of Clouds before, this exclusive interview will definitely make you a fan! 


How did the two of you meet?

I remember first meeting Obatala about 3 years ago at The New Parish, it was the People’s Party event. Our friends connected us like “hey you guys do film, you should connect” So we met up a few times, and Clouds was like our second idea and we just went from there.

How similar is clouds the series to your personal life?


There is a lot of overlap. The dynamics between the two main characters – the tech guy who isn’t from California is Theo, his cousin, the Oakland native is me. So there is a lot of overlap that way.

It actually started semi-biographical. The onset event for the pilot episode is the lead character Malcom’s finance breaking up with him and right around the time of the event, Obatala had gone through a similar situation. So that was a bit of the inspiration. Also, we are interested in building something of our own, which is a central theme throughout Clouds. And, as we’ve been writing the series, a lot of the ups and down in relation to the lead character and his dating app, we’ve seen reflected in the ups and downs of us building the series. 


Why a series?

It started with a web series. The need for content. We started off as something small, both of us having spare time and needing something to do, and then we kept writing and it kept growing. It all came naturally.

One of the first projects that we ever did was a fun video where we went out to Delores park during Black History Month. We were like alright, we’re gonna do some man on the street interviews with white people, ask them a list of Black History facts, and see how well they know. It was super fun, got a lot of great content, and as we continued to work and develop the story and we realized that we wanted didn’t want the fully actualized season for Clouds be strictly on the internet.

Why did you choose Oakland as your backdrop?

Oakland was the perfect place, we lived in Oakland. Obatala is from Oakland. I moved to Oakland, and loves it.  Oakland has a beautiful, complex, and diverse history.  The city has special roots for black people especially, and now many of its most unique qualities and persons are being forced out, because of rent prices.  We need a story that shows Oakland’s greatness even as it deals with challenges. They city serves as a metaphor for our story, it has to decide who it wants to be in face of internal and external forces. Who are you when the world demand something different of you?

How do you feel about tech creeping into the dating game?

I feel like what it does is turns the people that you meet on these apps into a commodity and you get a new batch everyday so then it’s like so what if I mess up here or stutter there, I get a new set of girls to swipe through tomorrow. It makes us more impatient, we are less compromising, it becomes hard to say that “yea I’m on these dating apps, and I’m meeting all these people, and I’m still able to view them as actual people”

Theres a balance. On the downside it gives you huge pool of people, and so you’re never satisfied with what you have because you’re always thinking theres something better out there. But on the upside, you can probably find more fruitful relationships, where you’re able to really get to know someone before it becomes physical.


So the pilot is out, what is next for Clouds?

Right now we’re taking meetings with production companies, people in the industry, our goal is to make Clouds sustainable. Right now, Theo and I are paying for everything out of pocket, and we want to be able to create, so that requires money to have freedom to do what we need to do to create a great show. We’re talking to different people, we hear everyones plea that we go the independent route. That isn’t completely off the table yet but we are going to try the industry way for a few more months but if that does not work we will be coming out to the people with a kick starter, trying to get some independent backers, because we definitely want to get it to you, but it needs to be quality content.

Yea, what we’re doing right now is hosting live screenings, encouraging people to come out, meet the talented cast and crew, spread the word. We’ve met so many people from our live screenings that have helped us get to the point that we’re at now, we’ve had some amazing meetings, so now it’s a matter of doing the marketing and strategic work for clouds. 

Are you guys working on other content?

We’re creators, we’re comedians, we are putting out more content, even though it may not necessarily be clouds. 


How can we help the Clouds movement?

Right now you can always come to a screening, and bring as many friends as you can. Also sign up for our email list, and follow us on social media. We will host events, and produce original content before the end of the year, and want you to be in the loop.

Last minute shout outs?
Too many
Beejus and Oops
Erk the Jerk
1 O.A.K.
All cast and crew
Halftime sports bar
Streets is talking radio (DNas)
Spence Whitney
Wood Tavern
Social Life
Town Biz
Sndbx app
Crooked city cider
The people of Oakland
Nook and kranny
wine and bowties
regulars only
Taco Sinaloa
and shout out to YOU for being a fan, even if you don’t know it yet.

Make sure you stay up to date with all things Clouds by following them on Twitter, Instagram, and liking them on Facebook.

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