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“”Nothin To Talk About” is about heartbreak, plain and simple. I think it talks a lot about the different stages we go through as a result of getting our hearts broken; from bargaining to, in some cases, desperation. I wrote about a personal experience I found myself in where I was literally trying anything and everything to fix something that was completely ruined. The song is also about putting your pride aside and admitting when you’ve taken that L. We’ve all lost in love at some point, it’s just time to admit it.” – Rayana Jay

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Co-founder and the Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Mamou is a recent college graduate from the University of California, Riverside. Being raised in Oakland, and spending 4 years in Southern California, Mamou heard the constant negative views that people had on the Bay Area. She vowed to help change those views, and Nook and Kranny is her first step in doing so.

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