San Francisco Fashion Weeks launches tomorrow, and this year's them is "Tech Drives Fashion."


San Francisco Fashion Weeks launches tomorrow, and this year’s them is “Tech Drives Fashion” In recent years, the Bay Area – San Francisco in particular – has seen a huge tech boom. It thus makes sense that this years theme for San Francisco Fashion Week is “Tech Drives Fashion” The show, which runs from September 24th – October 2nd, will explore how technology has become a significant part of the evolution of the fashion industry. They will do this by showcasing up and coming designer collections, virtual reality, 3D fashion, wearable tech and so much more. The city-wide event will feature key influencers in fashion, retail, and tech, multiple locations, and will be a celebration of the style, spirit, and leading innovation of San Francisco fashion.


September 24th: Fashion Walk – Shop The Loin.
The party heads to the Tenderloin and brings to you a community and social shopping experience, an effort to support local businesses and retailers.

September 25th: Tech Drives Fashion – Opening Reception.
This will definitely be the best and largest fashion party of the year in San Francisco. The reception will reflect on this year’s theme and will be the official kick off to the week to come.


September 26th: Fashion Business Series – Apparel + Manufacturing in San Francisco.
This workshop is for individuals, students, and professionals looking to start or expand their business in the local San Francisco fashion industry. Perfect networking opportunity for fashion startups, fashion designers, students, retailers, entrepreneurs, boutique and business owners.

September 27th: Fashion Tech Expo
Technology is an integral aspect of the fashion industry. This event will feature emerging fashion/tech products, mobile apps, wearable tech, LED fashion, fashion startups and retailers under one roof. Engage with fashion/tech panel, demo products, experience interactive product presentations. Network with designers, startups, entrepreneurs, fashion/tech professionals and fashion enthusiasts.

September 28th: Implementing Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality in Retail and Shopping
Ikea, Lowe’s, Toms and North Face are turning to virtual reality to sell products, boost their brands and make shopping more fun.

September 29th: Virtual Reality Style Night’s Out
From luxury smartwatches to virtual reality catwalks at Fashion Weeks, major fashion influencers and retail brands like Topshop and Dior are adopting technology to increase their scope and profits. Come out and experience the convergence of style and virtual reality.


September 30th: Emerging Designers Showcase
Join the fashion revolution and explore how “Tech Drives Fashion” for yourself in the world’s leading hub of technology.

October 1st: Fashion Hackathon and Ready to Wear Show
The event will give participants the opportunity to network with other Fashion/Tech and VR enthusiasts, designers, developers, business professionals, technologists, and futurists and will allow them to share their bright ideas with each other.


October 1st: Ready to Wear Showcase
Sit back, relax, and enjoy this amazing fashion showcase, network with up and comers in the industry, and find some inspiration.

October 2nd: High Fashion Showcase
And on the last day of SF Fashion Week, it’s going down at Bloomingdales. Enjoy a High Fashion Showcase which will be an amazing representation of how fashion and tech intertwine with each other.

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