We have been following Rayana Jay’s musical and personal growth since Nook and Kranny stepped on the scene. She has continued to prove herself and her versatility, and the minute some of you may have counted her out, she has blessed all of our ears with Sorry About Last Night. You know those honest and raw projects, that allow listeners to take a look into the unfiltered mind of an artist? That is exactly what this EP is and if you weren’t already in love with this R&B goddess, you will be now. Give SALN a listen and let us know what you think.

Sorry About Last Night is supposed to be listened to as a story.
I was sitting going over title ideas in my head and realized that I have said,
“yo, I am so sorry about whatever happened last night” more than any other sentence.
It was just so personal and I feel like everyone could relate to that.” – Rayana Jay

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