Les Jumelles were recently blessed with the opportunity to link up with Angelica and Yvette to create MAGIC. Take in some of our faves from the shoot, and get to know the creative geniuses behind the project.

Les Jumelles were recently blessed with the opportunity to link up with Angelica and Yvette to create MAGIC. Take in some of our faves from the shoot, and get to know the creative geniuses behind the project.

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Raised in the Bay Area, Yvette has been doing makeup for about 12 years but has been very serious about it during the last 4 years. She has always had a love for art and beauty and sees makeup as a way to get to know people from all over. “At a young age, my grandmother would give me $5 to spend in Walgreens [and] most of my purchases were makeup. [Doing makeup] allows me to make connections with people and learn about them. I am able to apply my creative nature to fit each individual personality and face. I love helping people come out of the shell and making them feel their best.”

What makes her different then your average makeup artist is that she tries to focus on bringing out her customers beauty with minimal makeup. “Right now, there is sort of this Instagram trend of makeup, where everyone has a ton of makeup on and stacked lashes. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cake face, but I feel like makeup should enhance the individual and not take over. My aim is to bring out each person’s best features and their personality through my artistry. I don’t want all my models/clients to have the same look. I want them to feel just as unique as they do beautiful.”

In five years, Yvette hopes to be freelancing with commercial and editorial brands as well as building her own brand of makeup. If she wasn’t doing makeup, she’d probably be helping the youth in her community or entrepreneurship in some other capacity. She made it clear though, that without makeup, her soul would probably die a little every day.

A major theme on what she would tell her younger self is confidence. “Be confident in being yourself, everything else will come. Don’t be afraid to push yourself, being uncomfortable fosters growth.”

Make sure to keep up with all things Yvette by following her on her social pages, and checking out her site. She’s currently working on a few shoots with new photographers that she she is hoping to get published soon.




Sacramento native Angelica Grace has been a photographer since 2014 and in July of this year, has taken a leap of faith and is officially pursuing this career full-time. When she first got into photography, she had no idea that she loved it as much as she does. “I love fashion and have always wanted to work in the fashion industry. When I first moved to Sacramento in 2010, I was focused on being a wardrobe stylist. In 2012, my husband and I hired a director to help us film a project. The experience was amazing, and that’s when I realized I wanted to begin creating art with my camera. Film was such a good place to start for me, I was able to appreciate the different elements that can be captured in motion, which I believe now lends itself to my work these days with still photography.” 

When she was younger, she thought that she had a lonnngggg list of career goals and aspirations, but photography has proved to be the passion that stole her heart. She can’t even imagine her life without a camera in her hand. “I’ve tried to in the past, and it just wasn’t the right thing for me. However, if someone were to see me without a camera in my hand, it’s probably because I’m spending time with my family, traveling, or taking a nap!

She stands apart from other photographers because of the way she captures life. She loves colorful imagery and has a very unique way of creating a story with her lens. “I want to put art and beauty into the world, and celebrate strong and confident women, so I try to show that with my photography. I hope that when people see my work, they are empowered to be a little more creative and do things differently than before.”

The Bay Area has had a huge affect on her photography style and constantly inspires the way she shoots and the kind of stories she wants to tell. “The bay has exposed me to tons of amazing artist who are pursing their passion the same as I. I’m constantly inspired and encouraged by the awesome people I’ve met along the way. I’m inspired to be better than I was before, be different and do what I love. I am inspired to stand out and be original, push harder, and do work.” Her dream shoot would be a huge editorial peace with a beautiful and exotic background. “I would love to have tons of designer dresses, top models, and the best cameras. And of course, this would have to be for the cover of Vogue, because Anna Wintour herself asked me to 

In this moment, Angelica is in an interesting, self-reflective space. She loves the journey that photography is bringing her on and her whole face literally lights up when talking about the future. “I have lots of new collaborations with other artist getting released soon, so look out for that! I can’t wait to share my journey with everyone. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured on your blog, I’m honored you’ve asked me! I loved working with you girls at our shoot!”

Please be sure to follow Angelica on her journey by checking her out on her website, and across all social platforms. | Instagram | Facebook



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