Did you miss Caleborate's 1993Tour? Check out our show review and some great behind the scenes images.
Photo Credit: Blair Brown

Bay Area music has risen in notoriety and popularity the past few years with stars like G-Eazy and Kehlani becoming house hold names. Add Caleborate to the mix. His first headlining tour, The 1993 Tour, encompassed a variety of bay artists as openers and displayed Caleborate’s growth as a performer and the whole TBKTR team.

Photo Credit: Blair Brown

Ending the last leg of his tour at Social Hall in SF, where we last saw Caleborate open up for P-LO earlier this year, the energy was filled with excitement and love. Cash Campain, an R&B singer, opened the show up with a great performance. Ever the crooner, he serenaded the crowd with his smooth vocals, had T. Carrier join him for his hit “Cheat Codes” and did a cover of Miguels “Pussy is Mine” that gave me (and undoubtedly the audience) chills. Artist Rayana Jay, hit the stage performing songs from her latest album “Sorry About Last Night” with guest performer Elujay, bringing a classic Neo-Soul vibe to the stage that she has become well known for.

Photo Credit: Blair Brown

Siri an effervescent and ethereal songstress, gave fans a unique and inviting show that matched her style and musical approach. Adding to her soulful performance was WaxRoof and Sweetest Threat, who complimented Siri’s hypnotic vibe and tone. An energy fueled performance from Pluto Mars followed, jolting the crowd with their power pact performance. Lastly, for openers, we had Samaria, performing music form her album “The Story of Right Now”. A veteran on the stage, Samaria’s, hypnotic vocals and emotional lyrics were executed beautifully, engaging the audience and reminding me why I (and so many others) are fans of the heartfelt singer.

Photo Credit: Blair Brown

Finally, we had Caleborate come on the stage and he didn’t disappoint. Going the extra mile not only having his D.J OG Kel and guitarist J Hawk, on stage with him, but a full live band with Drew Banga on the bass, Victor on drums and Alexis Angulo on back-up vocals. The addition of the live band with his performance elevated his show to the next level. Opening with “Gemini’s Revenge” (my favorite song from his 1993 album) Caleborate’s energy was intoxicating. His presence occupied the whole stage, making Social Hall feel like Madison Square Garden without ever compromising the intimacy he shares with his fans.

Photo Credit: Blair Brown

The one thing I can say about TBKTR & Caleborate is that they are here to entertain. Whether its O.G Kel getting the audience hype with his insane mixes, J.Hawks guitar solos or the most epic mannequin challenge filmed by Adrian Per, Caleborate, wants you to experience him as much he wants you to listen. To add to the energy, P-Lo showed some love on stage with a performance of “Light This Bitch Up”. The 1993 tour embodied good vibes and love and was a tremendous achievement; solidifying Caleborate’s headlining talents as an artist and a performer.

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*All photos provided by Blair Brown

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