Hello and Welcome - a debut collection from Bay Area creative Amanda Flowers.

Whether it’s directing a video, painting a masterpiece, or designing a bomb collection of socks, 21 year old Amanda Flowers is a creative genius. Today, she releases Hello and Welcome, and has taken the time out to sit with Nook and Kranny and discuss her most recent project. 


Bay Area artist Amanda Flowers has been working on this latest projects for about 5 months now. What is Hello and Welcome? To the naked eye, it is a sock collection. But after getting the package – which comes with two original prints + a pin – I see that it is so much more. The detail and the love that she put behind the project itself is so inspiring.

How would you describe Hello and Welcome?
Hello and Welcome is an introduction, its very pleasant, it’s someone opening up the front door to their house. It’s the genuine heartfelt energy of welcoming someone into your space. Hello & Welcome is the energy I want to share with you.”

How did you chose the name?
“I visualize many characters that I would like to bring to life through different avenues of my art. One of them is a successful and happy Black homemaker from the 1950s, living in a ideal community. This character was created because many Black Americans have never experienced that utopia.”
photographer: breezy_leezy model: nailahsky
 What’s the meaning behind the design? 
“Sunshine and Smiley faces, it’s a mood we constantly should strive to feel even if it’s not being presented in our reality. Just automatically think Sunshine and Smiley faces and a warmth should overcome you and relieve stress… that’s my hope.”
How often will you be releasing a new sock collection? 
“My goal is every 2-3 months, I plan on having packages that include other garments as well.”
photographer: breezy_leezy model: nailahsky
You can support Hello and Welcome by heading to her site and also at Ms.Flowers’s many art showcases. They are currently $14 which is totally a steal.
To stay up to date with all things Amanda Flowers, give her a follow on IG and please be sure to support Hello and Welcome which is out now!

Paint. Create. Connect.

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