CRWN Magazine - A Black owned print magazine that celebrates natural hair and Black womanhood. Tap into their most recent meet up that happened this week at Concept 47.
Photo taken by: Nkrumah.  Model & Styling: Priscilla Amado. Hair Ancestral Strands

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending CRWN MAG’s Oakland Meet up at Concept 47. If you are unfamiliar with CRWN Magazine, they are a Black owned print Magazine that celebrates Natural Hair and Black Womanhood. Concept 47 is a small black owned shop that has a plethora of locally made skin products, jewelry, and ethically sourced clothing and home goods based right here in Oakland, CA.

Screenshot 2016-12-29 21.23.45.png

Photo taken from Concept 47

After being on a LONG hiatus from hitting the town, the vibes that CRWN MAG and Concept 47 brought out last night was just what I needed to close out 2016. When I entered the shop for the first time, I filled with joy to see so many beautiful black souls celebrate a magazine that is FUBU (For Us By Us).


Photo Courtesy of CRWN MAG

Opening the CRWN MAG manifesto for the first time was truly exhilarating. Every article was so wonderfully written, every photo was placed with a purpose. Even the all black ad pages were truly a breath of fresh air. I was so into the mag that I had to force myself to give it to someone else because I was tempted to read the whole thing in one sitting. I even bumped into some familiar faces when I was there – shout out to @tresmercedes and @candid_art. Much thanks to the people at CRWN MAG and Concept 47 for hosting such a great event. If you missed out, you can learn more about the magazine HERE.

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