The #DrewBangaTakeover continues. Tap into our recent sit down with 1/2 of Lil dads. We talked 2017 projects, his introduction to music, and how #LilDads came to be.
photo by: @byisayyed | styled by: @nakiapleasant

Drew Banga had a great 2016. He produced one of the hottest tracks on Kamaiyah’s critically acclaimed mixtape “A Good Night in the Ghetto,” the Dj collective Wav Bros, made #hennythingispossible one of the most poppin parties in Oakland and he pretty much touched every track and worked with every artist in the Bay, solidifying him as one of the most sought after DJ, producer and musician.

photo by: @byisayyed | styled by: @nakiapleasant
photo by: @byisayyed | styled by: @nakiapleasant

Drew’s love for music began in the church where he played the drums.  When he was in middle school, he was in a Beats and Flows course, which was an after school program at Melrose Leadership Academy. It was in this program that he learned to produce music on Reason 4 software and an 8-track recorder. It wasn’t till high school that Drew learned how to play the bass. “I was in a high school jazz band and there were no bass players but I played the drums at the time, but there were like, 20 drummers and I wanted to play. I wasn’t trying to battle for a position, so, I bought a bass and figured it out”.

photo by: @byisayyed | styled by: @nakiapleasant
photo by: @byisayyed | styled by: @nakiapleasant

Much like his determination to play the bass and produce music, 2017 doesn’t seem to be slowing anything down for “La Banga”. His most anticipated project for the year is the sophomore release of Kamiayah’s mixtape, explaining, “Everybody has been waiting to see what she’s going to come out with next, because she made such an impact on the industry off a mixtape…she knows what she doing.”

In addition, Drew is a part of production duo “Lil Dads”, with fellow producer/DJ Mikos Da God. The idea for Lil Dads, came about through a group text with Jay Ant, 1-O.A.K, YMTK, Caleborate, Elujay, Rexx Life Raj and Mikos, originally, talking about becoming the next Wu Tang of the bay. “It started with a group text and I don’t know, me and Mikos was most enthusiastic about it. I had to understand that all these guys were individual artists on their own. We all collectively work together, we all got a bunch of songs, so me and Mikos was like, let’s just do this on our own and put them on hella songs. We got the “IDK” track and we got some other ones coming out soon.”

photo by: @byisayyed | styled by: @nakiapleasant

The ambitious creative isn’t just stopping with producing music, DJing events and playing his bass on tours. His vision is much bigger than that. “My resolution is to be infatuated with myself. I want to hone in on all my skill. I learned so much last year but I never got to master anything I learned. I kind of just did shit and kept shit lit. But this year, I’m going to be more in tune with the business side of my production stuff and figure out the ins and outs of what I want to do with me.” So far so good, Drew Banga, so far so good.

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